The week’s TV Gossip – scraped from the bottom of the jar for you!

Will Jenifer Lopez be guest-starring on Entourage?  Kristin Veitch says so and that woman gets all the info. (E!Online)

If you thought Kevin Federline shilling for Nationwide was the least relevant marketing campaign ever…you were close.  But we have a new winner: Vanilla Ice rapping about taxes.  It’s like we’ve moved past user-generated ads to drunken-stupor-in-the-early-90’s-generated ads.  (New York Post)

Ilan Hall from Top Chef doesn’t like how he was represented on the reality show.  Neither does his mother, and she wrote a little essay about it.  She makes some very valid points, but the note-from-my-mom element just seems to contribute to the junior-high feel of the end of this season.  (Newsday)

In their continuing campaign to remove all “music” and “video” from MTV (Music Television) and VH1 (Video Hits One), MTV just laid off the entire staff of VH1 Classics, which was one of the channels that actually played music videos. (Gawker)

Because I am a generous person, I continue to bring you news that is utterly meaningless to me but seems like someone might find it interesting.  Tiki Barber, who I guess plays football (as we’ve established previously, I know nothing about football) will be joining the Today show, possibly to report on health and technology. (Yahoo)

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