Supernatural‘s pair of new female characters is set to bring new drama to the cult horror series.  Initial images of Kate Cassidy and Lauren Cohan offer a glimpse of two strong but seductive women who may or may not be Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean’s (Jensen Ackles) new best friends.

Cohan and Cassidy recently spoke to IGN about the nature of their Supernatural characters, Bela and Ruby.

The Philadelphia-born Cohan described her alter ego Bela as “a female Humphrey Bogart.”  She also revealed that her character tries to steer clear of killing anyone for purely practical reasons.  However, she admits that Bela still has the capacity to take a life if pushed to a situation where she has to.

Because of such potential for fatal force, Cohan added that she had to undergo weapons training in order to become “well equipped with swords and a lot of instruments – sharp instruments.”

For her part, the 20-year old Cassidy told IGN that her Supernatural persona is “a little bit manipulative” and someone who “always wants to be in control.”  Like Lauren Cohan, she was also subjected to sword training in preparation for her role.

When word first got around about the two new female additions to the cast of Supernatural, a lot of fans speculated that they may be intended as romantic interests for Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles.  Recent reports have clarified however, that the two ladies are actually intended to offer some resistance or conflict to the brothers.

As previously reported, executive producer Eric Kripke told TV Guide‘s Michael Ausiello that “There’s a misconception that they’re being introduced as love interests.  They’re not; they’re being introduced as antagonists.”

However, Kripke did leave the door open for any sparks that might fly among the brothers and the two women.

“If the chemistry is there, and we see the sparks, and we want it to happen, and the fans want it to happen, it’ll happen,” Kripke had added.

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Source: IGN
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