Rosie O’Donnell, most recently known for her exposure on The View, is set to return on Nip/Tuck in the upcoming season.  The 45-year-old Emmy Award-winning actress will be reprising her previous role as the unfortunate lottery winner Dawn Budge.  This time the hypochondriac millionaire seeks the help of McNamara/Troy after an altercation with a bald eagle while paragliding.

Popularly known for her straightforward hosting and playful banters, O’Donnell, ironically, will be faced with a procedure that will require her character’s mouth to be sewn shut.  Moreover, her storyline will also tap on a new crush which comes in the form of flamboyant TV producer Freddy Prune (Oliver Platt), a pudgy guy who has a penchant for wearing velour tracksuits on the set.

At present, O’Donnell, who is scheduled to appear on November 20, is booked for only two episodes. However, her fondness towards the cast and crew, as well as the show, could mean more episodes in the future.

“She is, as you can expect, hilarious to work with and treats everyone from the cast to the grips with the same amount of respect,” a source from Nip/Tuck said.  “She remembers all names and often blogs from the set. She is a fan of the show and gets excited when she learns of upcoming plotlines.”

O’Donnell already appeared on last season’s episode entitled “Dawn Budge” where she desired for liposuction for herself, a penis enlargement surgery for her husband and breast implants for her daughter.  In this particular episode, she had sex with Christian Troy to get back at her husband, whom he caught having sex with her daughter.

She then returned in the episode “Burt Landau” where she sought cosmetic surgery after an “ear jack” catastrophe caused by two motorists who stole her expensive earring by cutting her ear off.

Nip/Tuck season 5 premieres on October 30 on FX.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: TV Guide
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Kris De Leon

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