News travels fast in the land of the Real Housewives. Just one week after Bravo announced Heather Dubrow as the newest addition to the cast of Real Housewives of Orange County, rumors of her husband’s legal baggage is popping up all over the Internet. reports that Heather’s plastic surgeon husband, Dr. Terry Dubrow, is currently involved in at least two lawsuits filed by former clients.

In 2010, the first former patient filed a lawsuit against Dr. Dubrow and the Newport Bluffs Surgery Center. The lawsuit sited general damages after the patient suffered from complications from an unspecified procedure.

The court documents read: “Defendants failed to disclose material risks of the procedure to the plaintiff and thereby failed to fully describe the procedures that were proposed and/or exceeded the scope of the disclosure and thereby failed to obtain informed consent from the plaintiff for said course of care, treatment and/or surgery. Had plaintiff been adequately informed of all the risks of the procedure, plaintiff would not have consented to said procedure.”

The plaintiff’s husband reported that his wife “has been unable to perform the duties of a spouse and the work and services usually performed in the care, maintenance and management of the family home…she will be unable to perform such work, services and duties in the future.”

In the second case, court documents reveal that another former patient filed a personal injury lawsuit against Dr. Dubrow and the Newport Heights Medical Center. The lawsuit was filed in March, 2011, and she is seeking $25,000.00 in damages accusing Dr. Dubrow of medical malpractice and general negligence.

The Durbrows have been married for over 12 years, and Dr. Dubrow is no stranger to reality TV, having previously been on The Swan and Bridalplasty. However, he’ll soon discover that joining the Real Housewives team means a lot more exposure for him and his family — good or bad.

Gina Pusateri
Contributing Writer

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Gina Pusateri

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