American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert was thrown to jail in Finland with his boyfriend, Finnish reality star Sauli Koskinen, after a brawl between the two.

The couple stayed behind bars for only a few hours, though, as the two were released earlier today after authorities wrapped up the investigation.

Finnish authorities told The Hollywood Reporter that the pair began fighting in one of the back rooms of popular Helsinki gay club DTM. They were kicked out of the bar, but continued fighting outside; they were arrested at 4am Thursday, local time.

The police are investigating a total of four possible assault offenses on the two; among those hurt during the fight is Finnish beauty queen Sofia Ruusila, who said that Lambert accidentally hit her after she tried to get in between the quarreling couple.

Koskinen, who won the Finnish version of Big Brother, later blogged (in Finnish) that “the evening was pretty funny and [the] hangover is suddenly over,” while refusing to comment further on the affair. Lambert later tweeted the following:

The couple were in Finland to celebrate Christmas together. Lambert’s latest single, “Better Than I Know Myself”, was released recently, with his second album, Trespassing, out in February next year.

(Photo courtesy of WENN)

Henrik Batallones

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