In this week’s episode, we saw Schmidt ready to propose to friend-with-benefits Cece when he thought she was pregnant with his child. We also witnessed an unsurprising spark between Jess and Nick, whose romantic chemistry the writers have alluded to throughout this season. With only three episodes left, there’s a chance New Girl will conclude its freshmen season with at least a hint of an official relationship to come, either between Schmidt and Cece (who have both shown growing feelings for each other in the past few episodes), or between Nick and Jess, who have never explicitly shown interest in each other, but seem nonetheless fated to be together.

Either (or both!) possibilities exist – or perhaps the writers will put off on any major romance for next season (or beyond, if the show continues to do well). But I’m curious as to what the fans think – who do you want to see get together? Or should the show stick to the laughs and avoid any intense drama within the close-knit group of five?

The upside to two of the main characters dating is it will change the dynamics of the group, which can be a good thing. Change is always good for sitcoms, which can feel stagnant at times. On the other hand, the pair being apart might be more interesting than the two together (for reference, think Monica and Chandler vs. Rachel and Ross). Sometimes it’s better (and funnier) to keep the characters single, especially in a show that’s about adults who are still figuring out how to be adults.

What about Mr. Fancyman, you say? Well, as good as that relationship has been for Jess, I don’t foresee him sticking around for the long haul (though I can’t wait to see Jess’ confrontations with his ex, guest star Jeanne Triplehorn, whom we saw briefly this week).

So express your thoughts below! Who should get together? Who should stay apart? Then catch New Girl on Tuesday at 9pm on Fox to find out what happens.

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