Acclaimed director Greta Gerwig, fresh off her Barbie project, has been officially tapped by Netflix to helm at least two films based on C.S. Lewis’s beloved series, The Chronicles of Narnia. Following her successful stint in Barbie’s universe, she is set to embark on a journey into the heart of a magical realm, confirming long-circulating rumors. The New Yorker unveiled this development in a recent article highlighting Gerwig’s distinct storytelling approach.

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Having ventured into the plastic-fantastic world of Barbie, Greta Gerwig is stepping out of the Dream House and into the wardrobe leading to the mystical lands of Narnia. Gerwig plans to craft an intriguing cinematic experience collaborating with Netflix, giving life to C.S. Lewis’ universe. This transition from Barbie to Narnia presents a stark contrast between projects for the director, transitioning from the sparkle of Barbie to the enchantment of Narnia’s magical creatures.

Netflix announced a multi-year partnership with The C.S. Lewis Company back in 2018 to rejuvenate the timeless Narnia series. The streamer later recruited Matthew Aldrich, known for his work on Coco, as the creative architect for this ambitious venture. Among others, Mark Gordan, Douglas Gresham, and Vincent Sieber will be executive producers on the film adaptations and the proposed TV series. However, deciding which particular Narnia story to adapt first remains under wraps.

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Gerwig’s exploration of the fantastical realm aligns with her creative philosophy. The director prefers projects with a profound emotional connection and resonance, revealing, “It would have to be something that has some strange hook in me, that feels like it goes to the marrow.”

Greta Gerwig, a three-time Oscar nominee, is no stranger to literary adaptations, having previously directed the Oscar-nominated adaptation of Little Women. Gerwig’s work on the Narnia series will follow her previous collaboration with Noah Baumbach on the Netflix film “White Noise” and her direction and co-writing of the Barbie movie. This summer, audiences will experience Gerwig’s unique vision in the Barbie adaptation, scheduled for release on July 21.

In the past, the Narnia series was brought to life in the form of a film trilogy from 2005 to 2010 and an animated mini-series in 1979. The Netflix adaptation will mark a fresh start for the series. Netflix secured the rights to the Narnia books after Walden Media allowed them to lapse in 2018. This made Netflix the first-ever company to hold the rights to all seven books of the series.

Upon securing the rights, Netflix’s chief content officer Ted Sarandos expressed his excitement, noting the timeless appeal of the series and the special place the Narnia characters hold in the hearts of audiences worldwide. The platform looks forward to bringing these beloved stories to viewers across the globe, a sentiment echoed by C.S. Lewis’s stepson, Douglas Gresham.

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