In the two-part season 5 finale of NCIS, the team lost one of its own, Director Jenny Shepard (Lauren Holly), who was killed in a shootout.  Following the funeral, the Assistant Director of NCIS called for Tony (Michael Weatherly), Ziva (Cote de Pablo), Tim (Sean Murray), and Gibbs (Mark Harmon) to his office.  He seemingly reassigned Tony to the nuclear-powered supercarrier USS Ronald Reagan, Ziva back to Mossad, the national intelligence agency of the State of Israel, and Tim to the cybercrimes unit.  The episode concluded with the new Director giving Gibbs three “confidential” folders and telling him “Meet your new team…”

While this has left three big bomb shells on NCIS fans, this has also left viewers of the long-running series to speculate whether the police drama will reshuffle the team just like what happened on the TV series House.

Fans will have to wait for the sixth season of NCIS to find out what’s in store for Tony, Ziva, Tim, and Gibbs.  Meanwhile, executive producer Shane Brennan has something to reveal that will hopefully calm down its raging fans.

“No fan of NCIS will be disappointed when the show returns in September,” Brennan told TV Guide.  “I promise, we’re not doing a House!  But strap into your seats, it’s going to be a heart stopping ride…Deep breaths.  Everything is going to be fine.  This is Gibbs’ team, right?”

As for the question on whether NCIS will be introducing any new team members next season, Brennan says “yes and no.”  Having said that, it seems that splitting up the NCIS team may be a cliffhanger than a long-term rebuilding strategy such as House embarked on.

also stars David McCallum (Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard), Pauley Perrette (Abby Sciuto), Rocky Carroll (Leon Vance), Don Franklin (Ron Sacks), Brian Dietzen (Jimmy Palmer) and Joe Spano (Tobias Fornell).

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: TV Guide
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