NCIS is adding a second character to fill the huge void left by “Very Special” Agent Tony DiNozzo. We met MI6 Officer Clayton Reeves (played by Duane Barry) when he came to the United States chasing a lead on escaped spy Jacob Scott.

So is this cocky MI6 agent a good fit for the team? I think that NCIS has found an interesting character in Clayton Reeves, and I think he would be an excellent addition to the squad and here’s why:

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Clayton Is Dashing

I will confess that I always thought that Tony was very attractive, from his looks to his sly wit. I think that NCIS has found a worthy successor in Clayton Reeves. He oozes charisma. Maybe it is his British accent, or his easy smile, but I think that he has cornered the market as the new eligible bachelor. (No offense, Gibbs!) And watch out Abby and Bishop!

He Has Brains

Abby discovered that Clayton isn’t just a pretty face, so to speak. He studied science in college, although it was mostly to gain access to the smart and pretty ladies. He helped Abby with tracing the radioactive isotopes to track down evil former CIA Agent Trent Kort. If Abby was impressed, Clayton must be very intelligent.

Clayton Isn’t Afraid of a Fight

When we first see Clayton, he is in a brawl with Kort in a darkened house. I think that Clayton won that round pretty easily. It’s plain to see that if you want someone to have your back in a fight, Clayton is your man.

He Is an International Man of Mystery

We don’t know very much about Clayton. He apparently doesn’t share too much about himself, but I like that. It makes his character intriguing and mysterious, and that is a great dynamic to add to the team. 

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Clayton Is Tough

When Clayton chases Kort and takes him down, it demonstrates his raw physicality. He is athletic and strong, as he demonstrated with his prior fist fight with Kort.

Clayton also works well in the interrogation room, whether being sympathetic to a witness or playing “bad cop.”

He Has an Edge

Clayton can be sarcastic. His response to an Interpol officer’s question of whether they want Kort brought in dead or alive is classic. He says, “We’d actually prefer if you tagged him and released him back into the wild.” Clayton’s sense of humor will certainly keep things lively.

He is also very opinionated, and I think that Clayton and Gibbs will butt heads quite a bit. Clayton is used to playing by his own rules, and adding him to the mix will result in clashes with Gibbs. Of course, Gibbs also has a tendency to break some rules if necessary. Perhaps Clayton and Gibbs are a bit too much alike, but that will definitely result in some conflict.

From what I have seen so far, I think that NCIS should add Clayton to the team. He is so different from Tony in his mannerisms and attitude, and those differences will revitalize the group and keep things interesting.

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But what do you think, should Clayton join the team? If not, tell us why in the comments.

NCIS season 14 airs this fall on CBS.

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