It doesn’t take long for the group to outstay their welcome in Mexico on Fear the Walking Dead. After Strand puts his lover out of his misery, the woman of the house kicks everyone out in “Shiva.” But, of course, no one is going to go without a fight. However, it would have been better had everyone in the group been on the same page, as everyone is split up as they try to do what they think is best.

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Not the Apocalypse

Celia is livid that Strand broke his promise to Thomas and killed him instead of staying un-dead. She tells everyone they need to be out by sundown but does allow Strand to dig a grave for Thomas.

Madison tells everyone to start packing so they can leave. Nick wants to stay and says he can convince Celia, but Madison won’t hear it. Later, Nick goes back to the boat to retrieve walker Luis, Celia’s son, to make peace. She finally agrees to let his family stay under the condition that he is responsible for their actions. However, Strand must still leave. She goes on to tell Nick that this is not the apocalypse but rather the beginning of eternal life. Basic mumbo-jumbo, if you ask me. But Nick buys in to it.

When Madison confronts Nick about it, he gets defensive, claiming she is acting like he’s using again. Madison goes to Strand for advice. Strand just says that Nick is looking for something to cling to and Celia is it. Madison tells Strand she wishes there’s something she could do, but she has to stay with her family rather than get back on the boat with him.

On the Run

Immediately after Strand kills Thomas, Travis goes looking for Chris. When he asks Alicia for help, she tells him that Chris was standing over their bed with a knife. Travis doesn’t want to hear it, so he runs into the night with no shoes on. He walks for miles and finally stumbles upon a home. There is a man inside. After explaining that he’s looking for his son and his feet are bloody, the man offers Travis water and shoes. Travis asks about Chris and the man tells him that Chris headed east. However, Travis notices that someone is in another room in the home. The man tells Travis that Chris is in there and threatened to kill his son if he didn’t get rid of Travis.

Travis storms into the room. Chris whines about how no one likes him anymore and everyone looks at him in a strange way. Perhaps it’s because he’s gone crazy and essentially wants to kill them all. Chris and Travis stumble out of the house and fight. Chris pulls a knife on Travis, but he wrestles it out of his hands.

Later on, Nick, covered in walker blood again, finds Travis and Chris. He tells Travis that Madison needs him. However, Travis tells Nick to tell everyone he never saw them. He tells Nick that Chris needs him more than everyone else right now, so they will go off on their own. It’s probably a smart move considering, again, that Chris wants to kill everyone.

Gone Crazy

Meanwhile, Daniel gets crazier and crazier. He awakens from a dream about when he was a child and then another dream where Ofelia was a walker. He jumps from bed, finds Ofelia and says they must leave the complex. He gets into a fight with some of the workers, and Celia has him locked away.

After a funeral for Thomas, Ofelia insists on seeing Daniel, but Celia won’t have it. Instead, Celia goes to visit Daniel, who is tied up in some basement. She offers him food, but, of course, he doesn’t take it. Instead, he listens to Celia preach, all while hearing the voice of his dead wife. After Celia leaves, he has an entire conversation with his dead wife, about his past sins and what he must do now to get rid of the evil at the complex.

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Ending Things

Kicking Strand out is not sitting well with Madison, who is finally coming to her senses that they need each other. She tries to talk some sense into Celia, who is not having it. Madison then tries a different approach and tells Celia she wants to understand her philosophy on the un-dead.

Celia brings her down to the cellar with the walkers. Together, they walk in while Celia goes on and on about feeding her child, as Madison slowly backs out and locks Celia in. Finally, Madison does something right.

However, since no one communicates with each other, shortly after Madison gets rid of Celia, Daniel breaks free, pours gasoline in the cellar and tosses a lighter in it. This sets the whole complex on fire.

Strand, seeing the fire from outside the complex, gets into a truck and goes back for the survivors, which is now just Madison, Ofelia and Alicia. They spot Nick coming back. He informs Madison that he couldn’t find Travis. But he’s upset about what’s happened to the compound and Celia. He tells Madison that Celia was right about them, that they aren’t good people. He says he’s staying and walks among the un-dead, while Strand grabs Madison and puts her back in the truck and drives away.

All Split Up

So everyone is split up on Fear the Walking Dead. It doesn’t surprise me that everyone had their own agenda as far as surviving. Since the group never really got along to begin with, they never learned to communicate. Each one wants to be a leader, thus bringing chaos wherever they go. Madison’s plan to get rid of Celia was brilliant, but she should have at least let Strand in on the plan so he wasn’t kicked out.

Daniel’s plan wasn’t too bad either, except for the fact that he was crazy, killed himself and destroyed the entire complex in the process. Perhaps just stabbing each walker in the head at the gate would have sufficed in getting rid of the evil.

I’m sort of happy that Travis and Chris are on their own, though I know that they will eventually join the group again. And Nick. I really like Nick, but he seems like he’s gone off the deep end. While he is a genius walking among the un-dead, the fact that he thinks he’s invincible is not good.

I like the conflict and the splitting up of the group. I’m eager to see what else Mexico has in store for everyone on Fear the Walking Dead. I just hope they don’t get back on that boat!

Fear the Walking Dead will return in August on AMC.

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