Every NCIS fan knows that Tony DiNizzo will be leaving the long-running series in the season 13 finale. No one really knows how exactly everyone’s favorite agent will leave though. The story line which will result in Tony’s exit is described as the team searching for Jacob Scott but that’s about it. NCIS showrunner Gary Glasberg sat down with TVLine and dropped some delicious teases about what fans can expect for Tony’s swan song.

The big takeaway from Glasberg’s interview is that Tony’s exit seems to be more of a celebration than a maudlin goodbye. In Glasberg’s own words there will be “a lot of reflection and a lot of soaking in what Tony DiNozzo was to the show for many years.” This means that Tony himself will be soul-searching about his place on his team and his future, as has been hinted about in recent episodes.

There will also be reflection by the rest of the characters. There will be returning guest stars that are important to Tony and the life of the show that will make appearance in the NCIS season 13 finale. Robert Wagner will return as Tony Sr. but he is just one of many. “Expect to see a significant guest cast,” Glasberg says. “And expect to really reflect on what Michael Weatherly has meant to NCIS.” Glasberg, of course, went short of saying if Ziva will return but everybody wants that to happen. 

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As much a celebration as it sounds, it won’t all be smiles. In fact the departure is set to get very serious at points if Glasberg is to be believed. “People should absolutely be planning on some really serious, heart-wrenching moments. There’ll be tissues involved,” Glasberg explains. “I’m very proud of the emotional resonance of what this is, even in terms of what we’re filming right now in the finale.”

Tony will get emotional and satisfying goodbyes with his team before the character exits. This suggests that the departure will be amicable, expected and bittersweet. However Glasberg won’t rule out that fact that Tony will be killed off in the season finale. 

When asked about the possibility of Tony dying, Glasberg replied, “I would just say that he’s prominent all the way through this final episode. I want people to understand that Tony DiNozzo will always be a part of this family — but they should also prepare for an emotional roller coaster.”

But what do you think? How do you think Tony will exit the series? Who do you hope to see reappear (besides Ziva)?  Do you think NCIS will kill Tony off? Should NCIS kill Tony off? How do you want to see Tony leave the team?

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