Tonight on NCIS, She-Gibbs (AKA CGIS Agent Abigail Borin) returns. There’s also a terrorist plot and a plan to find Gibbs a girlfriend. I’m not quite sure which of those two is more dangerous.

Two Agencies Work as One (Again)

A Coast Guard agent is shot and killed on a seemingly abandoned vessel. Somehow this is joint jurisdiction between NCIS and CGIS, which means Agent Borin is back to continue her streak of being the only woman Gibbs sees as an equal.

I find it interesting that Borin is content to let the NCIS team do all the work while she doesn’t even call her own team. Maybe she just likes hanging out with the NCIS agents better? This is a question to be pondered at a later time, as a Lebanese family is found hiding out in the boat’s air duct.

Operation Girlfriend for Gibbs

After being harassed by Gibbs all weekend, the team decides that he needs a girlfriend to take his focus off of work. I’m thinking that if Gibbs wanted a girlfriend, he could easily find one himself. Remember all those redheads he used to date in season 1? The man doesn’t need dating help, especially from a serial womanizer and a guy who clearly can’t tell when a woman is into him. Even Agent Borin gets in on the action, volunteering her list of eligible female friends. Hey, what do I have to do to get on that list?

All in the Family

The Lebanese family can’t quite get their stories straight. Mother Miriam confesses to the murder to protect her family, but gets the details wrong and is eliminated as a suspect. The father sells out his son Rafi as the shooter, and Rafi says Daddy pulled the trigger.

Luckily Abby figures out that Dad and son Hakim were planning to blow up the boat, setting off a chain reaction that would take out half of the Norfolk navy. Gibbs and team save the day, and Miriam finally puts a free foot onto American soil.

Need a Little Help?

SECNAV has been unusually interested in this case, given its geopolitical influence. Giving a Lebanese family asylum (even if they weren’t terrorists) would hinder U.S. efforts in the Middle East. Vance is wondering if the new Secretary of the Navy is in over his head, or trying too hard. He extends a hand in friendship, but SECNAV isn’t buying it. I really don’t like this guy. His agenda is more suspect than Vance’s when he took over and broke up the team.

Been There, Done That

Tony and McGee have found the perfect woman for Gibbs. Trouble is, he’s already dated her. This doesn’t surprise me at all, as I have a suspicion that Gibbs has probably dated most of the quality women in the greater D.C. area. The guy doesn’t need help with women. When he wants one, he has one.

The truth that the team comes to realize is that he doesn’t need a woman — he has his agents to keep him company. Goodnight Tony, McGee and Ziva. Don’t turn those cell phones off!

Crystal Waters
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