We start tonight’s episode of How To Get Away With Murder with the night of the bonfire. Annalise’s students are in her office with Sam’s dead body on the floor. While they all try to figure out what to do next, Asher is banging on the door looking for Connor. Staying true to the drama’s gripping entertainment formula, the focus will be on his role in the events after Mr. Keating’s death. We not only see how he goes from cool and collected in the beginning to completely unraveling, but also a cool case of insider trading and a twisty turn of events in Lila’s murder.

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The Case of Marren Trudeau

A long time client of Annalise and major financial power player Marren Trudeau is being charged with insider trading. She (or someone from her firm) bought stock from a company using insider knowledge. When Annalise and her team go to meet her at the company she built from the ground up, the FBI is already ransacking it. They also take care to show everyone their key piece of evidence — Marren having sex with the owner of the company she illegally bought stock from. She tells her attorney that it wasn’t her and that she must have been hacked from someone on the outside. Annalise doesn’t believe that for a minute and in order to keep the case from going to trial, she had to prove that someone else did it. She sends her interns to do some creative snooping.

When the interviews with Marren’s employees turn up with nothing, Connor uses his special talents. He conveniently stops by the stockbroker’s office and seeks out Marren’s assistant Paxton. After a quick romp in the office, Connor makes a quick exit — so he can listen in on Baxter’s incoming phone call. He left a recorder in the room and caught the assistant telling someone else that Marren’s lawyers still think she’s behind the illegal trading.

Annalise and company bring the recording to Marren and she is livid. Her assistant was with her from day one and she totally lets him have it in front of the entire office. He confesses that he felt like he was just an accessory of hers for the past 8 years and he was sick of it. That’s why he set her up. After Marren tells him that she was going to make sure he was prosecuted to the full extent of the law, the young man has other ideas — like taking a header out the office window.

Connor is visibly shaken up and Marren’s way out of this mess went literally out of the window. The next step is to find out which broker made the trade using Marren’s log-in i.e the guy on the other end of the phone. Time to start doing video interviews of possible suspects, becoming a detective in an interrogation room. The lessons of the day: detectives lie, and you don’t ask for the truth, you pound it out of them. The culprits are found out and escorted out for the whole office to see.

How to Get Away with Murder
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Rebecca’s Video Confession

Up until now, Bonnie seemed to fade into the background, only showing her toughness with the interns. In this episode however, we got to see why Annalise had her on the team. While everyone else was busy on the Trudeau case, it was her job to get the video tape of Rebecca’s confession. The prosecution was not giving it up, citing that if they decided to enter it into evidence, they would send it to them. Until then, Rebecca would be stuck in jail on a hefty bond. She seems to be hitting a wall  until she gets a break.

She just happens to be in her car when she sees Detective Lahey in Sam Keating’s car, trying to hack into his GPS. It’s surprising to still see him still poking into Annalise’s husband’s alibi but we have to wait to find out why. Bonnie uses that to her advantage when she goes to see the police chief. She tells him that she has “first hand knowledge” that his detective is investigating another suspect and it won’t go over well in court if there’s doubt on the prosecution’s part.
She finally gets the video tape of Rebecca’s confession (conveniently forgetting to tell Annalise how she got it) and the video shows clear coercion on the part of the interrogators. Her bail gets reduced and she gets to go home.

So What’s On The Phone?

Wes is waiting in his doorway when Rebecca is walking up to her apartment. Once again he asks her what’s on the phone. He did a great job gaining her trust and when he brings the phone to Annalise later on that evening, he lets her know that was the reason he kept it from her. Rebecca needs someone to trust and from now on Wes was going to be that person.
Then, in the last few minutes of the show, Annalise drops a bombshell when her husband finally comes home. She asks him why is his penis on a dead girl’s phone.

Present Day: Connor is Freaking Out

Connor has been the cool, somewhat sex crazed law student who is clearly smart and knows how to use his charm. But when we get the flashbacks to the night of Sam’s murder, he is completely unraveling. He goes from angry when he gets on Michaela in the office, to crazy as he hacks away at the body, to a complete mess when he shows up at his boyfriend’s apartment. Does Connor tell him what went down? We’re just going to have to wait and see!

How to Get Away With Murder airs on Thursdays at 10pm on ABC.

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