Although Gale Harold is expected to make a full recovery following his motorcycle accident two months ago, it isn’t clear yet whether the 39-year-old actor will return to Desperate Housewives, the dramedy where he recently played Teri Hatcher’s on-screen boyfriend Jackson.  More rumors surged as a source close to both Harold and the Desperate Housewives set revealed that the actor is still in severe pain.

“He’s really very majorly injured,” the source told  “I don’t believe he’ll be coming back.”

While Harold’s rep insisted there’s nothing to be concerned with regarding her client, she refused to comment on whether or not he will return to Wisteria Lane.

On the other hand, there might be hope just yet.  A recent report hints that Harold has looped some scenes for Desperate Housewives recently and was able to physically get himself to the set, even though it wasn’t easy.

“He’s still in a tremendous amount of pain,” revealed an insider.  “He doesn’t even remember a lot of what happened to him, and his shoulder’s really hurting him right now, but I think he will be back next season, in some form.”

Harold was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident on October 14 and was immediate brought to the USC Medical Center in their Intensive Care Unit.  At the time of his accident, ABC immediately issued a statement to show their support and sympathy to the Desperate Housewives actor who was treated for swelling of the brain and a fractured shoulder.

“Gale is part of the Desperate Housewives family and our thoughts and wishes are with him for a speedy recovery.”

Aside from Desperate Housewives, Harold is also credited for his roles on Vanished, Queer as Folk, Deadwood, The Unit, and Grey’s Anatomy.  Next year, he’ll be appearing in the comedy film Passenger Side, alongside Robin Tunney.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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Kris De Leon

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