On the third season premiere of How I Met Your Mother, guest star Mandy Moore seemed to have no trouble locking lips with lead actor Josh Radnor, but the 23-year-old singer-actress admitted she had a serious case of the nerves while filming the steamy kissing scene.

Moore Felt

“It’s never not peculiar,” Moore told ET.  “It is so unbelievably awkward to do an onscreen kiss in front of a bunch of people you don’t know, and there’re cameras there, and it’s all choreographed — it’s so nerve-wracking.”

Josh Radnor, nevertheless, had good things to say about Moore and her performance.

“Mandy went for it!  She was a really good fake kisser.  We had fun,” he told OK! magazine.

On How I Met Your Mother, Mandy Moore played Amy, a heavily-tattooed party girl who Ted (Josh Radnor) hooks up with at the bar in an attempt to “win” his break-up with Robin (Cobie Smulders).  The role allowed Moore to explore a different side of herself, having spent the earlier part of her career with a more wholesome and conservative image.

More recently, Moore has been trying hard to shed her good girl image, even doing a sexy pole dance during her interview with celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, who is currently a finalist on MTV’s Celebrity Rap Superstar.  In July, she revealed she felt sexiest as a teenager and had quickly transitioned from childhood to the world of dating.

“Oh!  Making love on the floor is so taboo! I went from being a child to making love on the floor. There was no intermediate step,” she said.  “It’s funny – I think that my sexiest time was at 15 – my gawky body, swaying like a little stick figure.  My most overtly sexy thing was the first one, right off the bat.”

Aside from Mandy Moore, Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias also guest-starred on the third season opener of How I Met Your Mother.  Iglesias played Gael, Robin’s new boyfriend whom she met while vacationing in Argentina.

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