After a month of field challenges and embarrassing rejections, the first season of MTV’s The Pickup Artist is finally over.  Out of the eight awkward guys who participated in the show, Kosmo, formerly known as Alvaro, was named the winner of the competition during Monday’s finale episode.

The Pickup Artist served as a boot camp for the eight men, all of whom have experienced immense difficulty with interacting with women.  Mystery, a well-known figure in the seduction community, and his wingmen, Matador and J Dog, gave the guys new looks, taught them the best tricks of the trade and subjected them to several tests, including “bouncing” a woman, picking out lingerie, and kissing Tara, one of Mystery’s wingwomen.

As with any reality competition, one contestant was sent home at the end of each episode.

Spoon was the first to go, although instead of facing elimination, the 27-year-old who said he wants to be like James Bond quit The Pickup Artist.  The following week, Fred, the 45-year-old virgin, was sent home.  Scott, the one who stutters around women, was the third to go, followed by Joe W., who claimed women often think he is gay.  Overanalyzing Pradeep went home at the end of episode 6, while Joe D. was eliminated on episode 7.

The finale featured the showdown between Kosmo and Brady.  The challenge was to makeover and teach two socially-inept guys, Kip and Dylan, the ways of a true pick up artist.  While Brady concentrated on Dylan’s appearance, Kosmo made sure to teach Kip about the basics and effective pick-up lines.  In the end, Mystery and the Wings decided to award Kosmo the title of The Pickup Artist, as well as $50,000.

Life after The Pickup Artist has certainly been good to Kosmo.  He told VH1 in a post-win interview that “women come up to me all the time now, and ask me the same thing.  And if they don’t know what to say, I get bored.  So it is what you have to say.  I could meet the most beautiful woman, but if she has nothing to say I’m not interested.”

He also said that contrary to what is said on his VH1 profile, he is not a video game programmer.  This error led many to speculate that the show was fixed.

“I’m not a computer programmer!.” he told VH1.  “I’m a film maker, I’m a camera operator, I break dance.  I’m an actor.  That’s what I do for a living.  And so now they’re saying that the whole show is fake.  It’s not, and I’m not.”

He added, “I’m not trying to hide that I am an actor and just because I am an actor doesn’t mean the show is fake.  In fact – Pradeep was the one acting, because I think acting is when you hide your emotions.  To me, that’s acting, and to me I wasn’t acting, because I was what I was –if there was or wasn’t a camera on me.”

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: VH1
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