This week on Twisted, Danny gets creepier by the second, Jo and Lacy try to mend the friend wound and Mrs. Desai uncovers Danny’s dark treasures.

Avan Jogia really is twisted in this new series. Am I the only one who misses Beck from ViCTORiOUS? Episode 4 of the first season of Twisted, “Sleeping with the Frenemy,” gets heated. Danny and Jo try to spruce up their social lives while Rico struggles to bypass his raging fear of normal social interactions. Danny gets Archie’s blood boiling when he joins the soccer team and dips his feet into the waters of the Acceptance pool. If Archie and Danny don’t start coming to terms with their new teammate status, the soccer team could crumble. The horror!

Jo and Lacy begin to relish in their past, but another rift between them emerges when Jo betrays Lacy’s trust. Meanwhile, Jo’s father secures a warrant to search the Desai household and Jo’s mother, Tess, tries to cool the tension between the two families by paying it forward with kindness.

Really, they’re just a bunch of high school kids solving local murders as their extracurriculars. Put that on your college resume and smoke it.

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Moms Will Be Moms

Flashback: Karen reminisces on a time when Danny and his father used to watch soccer in Mr. Desai’s favorite Lazy chair. Danny and his father were laughing, intently watching the game, and his father was sipping on a brewski. Karen snaps out of it when Danny comes home. She misses her husband.

Karen ventures out to the food store and Tess spots her in the meat section. Tess tries to make amends after the fight they had in episode 3. Karen spits a few nasty words at her, and strangers whisper in the distance. As they always say, the best dramas go down in the meat section.

Jo sees Lacy and her mom outside the store. Lacy’s mom Judy hugs Jo and expresses how much she misses Jo around. To Lacy’s dismay, her mom invites Jo over for the small sleepover party Lacy is throwing tonight. Thanks a lot, mom! Jo politely declines, then notices how relieved Lacy is at her decline. Instead, Jo decides to accept the offer. Spite is a heavy force.

Jo later tells Rico she’s only going to the sleepover to dig up more info on Archie, as he is their prime suspect, though we all know there’s a sad little Jo inside screaming for social normalcy…

Regina’s mom, Gloria, shows up at Lacy’s house to give her a box of Regina’s personal items. It means a lot to Lacy, although I can’t say I wouldn’t find it weird if my dead friend’s mom brought me a sack of my dead friend’s stuff. That sounded more sensitive in my head.

Judy invites Gloria to the Green Grove Charity Brunch, which seems to be the mom-prom of Greener Grove, as Tess also asks Karen to go with her to the brunch. Aw, moms, you shouldn’t have!

Karen approaches Gloria at the brunch to express her sympathies for Gloria’s loss. Gloria retorts by saying Regina would still be here if it weren’t for Karen’s “deranged monster of a son.” Gloria continues on that she’s already talked to the school board about having Danny kicked out of Green Grove High, and she will do everything in her power to ensure he spends the rest of his life in prison. Karen uses her massive lips to pout dramatically, then leaves in a tizzy.

Tess knocks on Karen’s door later and offers to help clean up the place and stay over. Tess is so nice, it’s painful.

The Sleepover

Sarita gives Lacy attitude about Jo being at the sleepover, but reluctantly shows up anyway.

Jo tries to be more girly in order to fit in at the party. So she wears a shirt with a cat on it that looks like a demon fetus.

Sarita, from here on out known as Sour-rita, says Jo was only invited because of Lacy’s mom. Jo tries to make conversation with Lacy and accidentally makes awkward comments about Lacy’s mom being single. Phoebe asks Jo if she just called Lacy’s mom a slut. Oh, Phoebe, so wise. So bold.

Phoebe asks what’s in Regina’s box. Jo eyes it mischieviously. When everyone is assumed to be asleep, Jo gets up in an attempt to scavenge through Regina’s box. Lacy is awake — she asks Jo for the candy corn. Meanwhile, Phoebe snores like a wild beast.

Lacy tells Jo she’s sort of glad that she came. They reminisce about Danny. Lacy asks what it’s like being around Danny again, and Jo says he talks about Lacy all the time. They throw candy corn at Phoebe The Beast.

In true teenage I-don’t-learn-from-my-mistakes fashion, Jo gets up AGAIN and looks through Regina’s box. Inside, it holds a mixtape CD called “Archie’s Greatest Hits.” Lacy pops it in the computer (again, very ballsy) and watches it: it’s a reel of Archie playing soccer with cute captions, like “Soccer Stud” and “Delicious Perfection,” hinting at a possible more-than-friends relationship between Regina and Archie. Unfortunately, Sour-rita is awake and watches the whole thing.

Lacy tells Sour-rita she actually liked having Jo at the sleepover. Sour-rita tells Lacy she saw Jo steal from her at the sleepover. Lacy angrily approaches Jo at the soccer game. Jo admits to taking the DVD and tells Lacy her suspicions about Regina and Archie, as well as spilling the beans about Archie’s faulty alibi. Lacy lets Jo talk to the hand and hits the road.

Jo gives the CD back to Lacy. She says she has to do what she can to help Danny and she has to try to believe that Danny didn’t murder Regina because the last five years have been really hard for her. She’s just getting her life back on track and doesn’t want to lose that. Although I think it’s safe to call it early — girlfriend is going to have some trust issues.

The Lament of Desai

Archie calls Danny a vast array of nicknames: “freak,” “De-psycho” — all ranking high on the list of creative jock abuse words.

Archie tells Lacy he wants to go out with the boys the night before a big game. This confuses her, as last time he had a big game, he said he wanted to stay in. That night was also the night of Regina’s murder…

Danny decides to join the soccer team. In his first practice, he goes head-to-head with Archie and scores on him. The coach makes the spontaneous decision to replace a different teammate with Danny and start him as a forward. Danny gets his first bro-fist-bump.

Rico and Danny go out to eat for the first time without Jo. Rico nervously blabs to Danny, “Whenever there’s a pause in the conversation, I feel like I’m gonna throw up.” Rico is like an asthma attack on a hot summer day.

The soccer team comes into the diner they’re eating at. Even though Danny thought the guys were starting to warm up to him, it’s clear that he didn’t get the invite. Danny says, “Hello,” and one of the guys, the nice cute guy, asks Danny if he wants to join them. Danny notices Archie’s angry eyes, so he politely declines.

At the big game, Danny asks Archie to channel his hatred and turn it into teamwork. Archie agrees but is still a total ass. Danny and his teammates kill it on the field; Danny scores. Archie compliments Danny on the goal.

Meanwhile, Danny, Jo and Rico nonchalantly talk murder suspects on the sideline.

Back to the game: Archie sprints in front of Danny, takes the ball form him, shoots and misses, the first of his ball-hogging blunders of the game. The other team gets the return, then makes an absolutely ridiculous Olympic-style backflip-goal. High school’s just not the same anymore.

Post-game in the locker room, Archie gives Danny more crap. Fed up, Danny spills in front of the whole team that Archie’s alibi sucks. Scott nervously says Archie can tell the team his real alibi. Archie reveals he borrowed Scott’s car to meet with a competing school’s coach about a soccer opportunity there. Upset, the team bails on him. Dirty move, bro, dirty move.

Once the team exits the locker room, Danny smirks creepily. Cue “Scream” theme music!

Archie comes clean to Lacy about his real alibi. She forgives him, but looks like she’s losing her faith and trust in Archie.

Danny admits to Rico and Jo that the necklace Regina was wearing when she died was his Aunt’s. Jo says she can’t help him if he doesn’t tell him what he knows. He finally spills some dirty deets: the necklace is a family heirloom and was very important to his aunt, but he doesn’t know why. He also doesn’t know how Regina got a hold of it.

Jo thinks someone took the necklace to make him look guilty and connect him to the murder, urging them to figure out how Regina got the necklace and who has it now, because whoever has it now might be the person who killed her.

Papa Do Preach

Jo’s dad, Mr. Masterson, gets a warrant to search the Desai household. He continues to use sneaky prying tactics in order to involve himself in the case on a less than professional level.

Karen hopelessly and sadly watches the cops search her house. Danny comes home from soccer and sees what’s going on. The cops leave and Karen has a drink. Slippery slope, girl.

Finally, Karen sits alone at night in the chair from her memories. She rubs the chair nostalgically and notices one of the cup holders is loose. She plucks the cupholder out to reveal a hole in the chair. What do you think she finds in there? Oh yeah, the necklace found on Regina’s dead body. Folks, it looks like we’ve got a sociopath on our hands. Or should I say, on our TV’s.

Twisted airs Tuesdays at 9pm on ABC Family.

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