As one door closes, another one opens. Unfortunately for the ladies of Mistresses, what’s behind door #2 isn’t that great in “Guilty By Association.” Joss hopes new evidence that Daniel finds is enough to prove her innocence, April struggles with whether to tell Blair about her one-night stand with Daniel and Karen sees something that makes up her mind about raising her baby with Alec and Vivian.

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The Truth Comes Out And It’s Not Good

The evidence that Daniel finds on Calista’s neighbor’s surveillance footage could be enough to get Joss out of jail according to David, her lawyer, but it’s going to be a long process. On the footage, Calista’s car, with her inside, is seen pulling out of her driveway at the time of the murder. In the meantime, he works to get her visitation rights.

Harry comes to see her first. He’s concerned that her David isn’t doing a good enough job. This puts doubt in Joss’ head. So much so that she argues with her lawyer later on. David pays Harry a visit and warns him to back off because they are on the same side.

Meanwhile, Calista is at home basking in all the well wishes she’s getting from fans. When the video leaks of her car leaving her home, her lawyer wants to hear the truth from Calista. She tells her lawyer that her alibi, Danielle, wasn’t with her at the hotel. She then confesses that everything Joss said about the plan to catch Luca is true. Calista swears that it’s not her in the car. She’s convinced that it could be Eva Petra, Luca’s mistress, trying to frame her.

Calista’s lawyer sets up an interview with Diane Sawyer to appeal to the public. But she never makes it on, as the police come to arrest her. They charge her with obstruction of justice, as they know that she paid off Danielle to lie. I can only assume that Calista tells the police the truth, because as she is carted off to jail, Joss’ lawyer informs Joss that she’s now being charged with co-conspiring to kill Luca, as the police believe the ladies planned his death together. Not good.

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Seeing the Light

April is having a hard time knowing that she cheated on Blair. When he comes home, he suggests that she and Lucy take a trip with him to Seattle, thinking it will be a good experience. He tells April that he will pitch the idea to Lucy. However, April runs around like a mad woman trying to prepare dinner, feeling guilty about cheating. Mark steps up and helps make dinner, all while offering advice to let up on Lucy a bit.

During dinner, Lucy patiently looks at photos with Blair and then informs them she already has plans the week that they want to go away. Her and April fight, again. Lucy calls April a bitch and April slaps her. April is immediately disgusted with herself. Blair tries to tell her it’s OK and that Lucy was being disrespectful. And then Blair being Blair, offers up some of his parenting advice. April asks him to leave.

The next day, both ladies apologize to each other. And when Blair goes to see April at the shop, she tells him about Daniel. He ends things and walks out. Best decision ever, in my opinion. Later on, when April gets home, Mark is working on a project for Scotty. She tells him about the break-up, and he is clearly not devastated. April realizes pretty quickly, though, that what she’s been looking for could be right under her nose.

Sex, Lies and a Baby

After deciding to keep the baby, Karen tells Alec and Vivian about her pregnancy. They are obviously shocked. Vivian immediately picks a fight with Alec as Karen leaves them to digest the information. Typical Vivian comes to apologize to Karen the next day. She says that she wants to be a part of the baby’s life and even suggests all four live together under one roof.

On the way to visit Joss in jail, Karen sees Vivian at lunch with another man. She tells the ladies that she no longer wants to be involved with the couple. They clearly have their own issues and she doesn’t want to be a part of it, nor raise a child with them. She goes over to their home to tell them the news.

Vivian, obviously upset, goes to see Karen again. Karen calls her out on the man she saw. Vivian claims the man is nothing more than a friend. However, she also tells Karen that she was meeting with him because she’s sick again.

Move It Along

Karen needs to make up her mind and not judge this couple. From a random meeting with a doctor about a possible STD, she’s now having that doctor’s child? Ridiculous. And she’s judging Vivian for possibly having an affair? Well, isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black. She needs to just figure out what she wants out of life and go and get it. And she needs to stop worrying about everyone else!

Joss needs to focus and trust her lawyer. Just because Harry is either jealous or just being a weirdo, doesn’t mean the lawyer isn’t doing his job. Joss is charged with murder for heaven’s sake. You don’t just clear someone’s name that quickly. There needs to be solid evidence and an alibi or something, and Joss has neither of them right now. And since Calista is now confirming the crazy plot to catch Luca, it’s not looking good for either lady right now. At least they can be new besties in jail, right?

I’m so glad April finally came to her senses. Now she just needs to get together with Mark. Though he’s not “good on paper,” he’s still a good guy just looking to find love. And while we’re talking about love, let’s just forget that Harry’s agent Ari made a move on him. That was awkward for everyone.

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