Some angels just don’t fit in with the whole concept of Christmas.  Even so, they still make for great television.  One of those responsible for the amazing ratings of Supernatural is fan favorite Castiel, portrayed by actor Misha Collins.

Earlier in the season, Castiel yanked the ruthless Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) from the depths of Hell.  Since then, the trench-coat-sporting angel started guarding the Winchester brothers with his partner, Uriel (Robert Wisdom).  It seems as though Collins is sticking around due to the positive response he garnered from audiences.  He actually just signed on for six episodes, but it looks like he’ll be in the Supernatural game longer than that.

“I’m totally flabbergasted,” the actor admitted.  He thought this role of his was just a recurring guest spot that would just be another step to fame.  As things turned out, it was Castiel that flew him towards much success.  “[T]he fan reaction has been huge and – this is big news – if the show gets picked up for a fifth season, they’re going to make me a regular on the show.” 

Collins credits the audiences for their welcoming reaction to Castiel, which the actor describes as “really amazingly supportive and somewhat obsessive.” 

There’s certainly a lot of basis for that. Castiel has been stuck in some pretty curious circumstances, making viewers wonder about the complexity his character holds.  “I would like to think that Castiel is a good guy in a bad situation,” Collins said.  “I’m not entirely informed as to what his future holds for him, but that’s what I’m working with internally.” 

He explained, “I think that what’s going on is that Heaven is not such a perfect place, that it’s not as perfect as we’d all like to imagine, and that there are a lot of bureaucratic machinations going on and sacrifices that have to be made along the way. I think the ends justify the means in the heavenly bureaucracy, and Castiel is not always necessarily happy with that.” 

As for the character’s relationship with protagonist Dean Winchester, Collins said, “In my mind Castiel is starting to develop an admiration for Dean and the stance that Dean seems to stake out as he goes along.  And I have been sent as something of a protector of Dean.  I mean, I rescued him from Hell.”

Sam (Jared Padalecki), meanwhile, is another story for Collins.  “I think that Sam is a bit of a wild card in the eyes of the heavenly authorities.  I think that we see him as being either a potentially great ally or a serious liability, and we’re not really sure how that’s going to play out in the end.” 

Collins had a few words to say about Uriel as well. “Uriel, I think he’s much more militant and more dogmatic than Castiel and I don’t frankly think that we get along that well, but we’re sort of forced to work together.” 

Even though Collins claims that his interpretations are subjective, he’s still on the right note.  Fans just can’t seem to disagree with these heavenly angels, especially one like Castiel. 

Don’t forget to catch new episodes of Supernatural as it returns next year on January 15.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: The New York Times Syndicate
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