It’s the season 1 finale of Minority Report, which also means it’s the series finale, even if FOX hasn’t publicly admitted it. But this expensive, lush drama has suffered from scripts that could have been written by under-trained chimps. And so we end the show with an episode entitled “Everybody Runs,” in which our three favorite precogs get to answer the question, “What would it take to get you back in the milk bath?”

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Back to Where It Began

The episode opens in the early days of the precog program. Wally is introduced to Arthur, Dash and Agatha, and he’s offered the chance to work with them. The precogs are willingly part of the program, which only lasts a few hours a day. Until one day, they’re put into the milk bath permanently, against their will.

Let’s Cram in Lots of Plot Now

This is likely the last episode of Minority Report, so the producers are trying to fit a lot of story into the remaining episode.

It’s present day and Vega is interrogating Dr. Gray, the mysterious scientist who sprayed a senator with a spray that changed her DNA. He’s a member of Momento Mori, the terrorist group comprised of scientists. They’re planning a big attack and Vega tries to get some answers. Then Vega is kicked out by the feds and there are a lot of pointless scenes centered around turf battles, Blomfeld’s efforts to capture the precogs and a bunch of other stuff you won’t care about.

I See … The End of the Show

Vega goes to Arthur’s apartment and learns that Blomfeld nearly captured Agatha on the island. She learns that he has figured out the identities of the precogs and she tries to convince them to leave. But before they can, the three of them have a vision. Agatha and Arthur see an attack, along with some names and numbers. But Dash sees something different, a scene of kids happily playing in a park. This could be a so-called “Minority Report,” or the vision of an alternate future.

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Why Help? Well, the Storyline Requires It

And now there’s another impressive amount of exposition crammed into a few minutes of show. Vega tries to use clues she’s learned from the precogs to break Dr. Gray. The feds don’t believe her at first, then wonder how she got the info. Gray tries to kill himself and his brain offers up clues designed to mislead the feds. But Vega and Akeela discover that the names seen by the precogs belong to Congressional staffers. She is finally able to convince the feds to protect the staffers, but it’s still not clear where the attack will take place.

It’s Like a Hot Tub, with Milk

Dash visits Wally in an effort to decipher his dream. But he’s nearly captured by Blomfeld, until Arthur, Agatha and Andromeda show up to save them. The precogs capture Blomfeld and offer to briefly go into the milk bath in order to stop the terrorist attack. Andromeda holds a gun on Blomfeld as he takes them to the Milk Bath 2.0. The precogs go into the milk bath, and Wally and Vega realize that Dash’s vision shows the quiet park that hides the Senate staff bunker hiding underneath. Vega calls Blake and they head to the park to stop the attack.

The Least Surprising Double-Cross

Blomfeld and his men are able to kill Andromeda, capture Wally and prepare the precogs to be sold off to the highest bidder. He thinks the precogs are asleep. But when Blomfeld and his men lean over the milk bath, the precogs jump up and overpower them. The precogs put the men into the milk bath, and while they argue about what to do, Wally flips some switches and kills them. Blomfeld and his men were the only people who could identify the precogs and now they’re dead. Wally tells them that Blomfeld’s buyers are on the way and the precogs need to escape. So as the season (and series) finale of Minority Report fades to black, Wally yells, “Go! Go!” as Arthur, Agatha, Dash and Vega run out the door.

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