Since the first episode of Minority Report, the precogs have worried that they are going to be sent back to the milk baths. That fate seems even closer in this episode, “Memento Mori,” as the government seeks out the precogs, hoping they can stop a possible terrorist threat. Clearly, Agatha has been right about the DIA all along.

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El Milk Bath Grande

DIA head Blomfeld shows the Senate Investigative Committee a larger milk bath he hopes will soon house the precogs. As they leave, we see that someone is capturing the meeting on a spy video. Arthur says he is determined to stop them. Meanwhile, Dash is having a vision. He uses an attack against a local US senator. He sees a man wearing a distinctive ring and a banner promoting “Steven’s Law.”

Dash and Vega talk to the senator, who explains that Steven’s Law would allow for gene therapy that could cure disease in the womb. As she explains it, it’s like pre-health. Later, Arthur shows Blake the surveillance video and asks him to blackmail Blomfeld into shutting down his plans for the precogs. Blake angrily says no and tells Arthur to never contact him again.

Blomfeld Takes the Next Step

Bloomfield shows up at Wally’s apartment and asks about the precogs. He threatens Wally and has his squad confiscate Wally’s computers. But when they attempt to remove the computers, they automatically self-destruct. Dash tells Vega about the raid, and she confronts Blake. He warns her that Blomfeld won’t stop until he gets what he wants.

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Agatha and the Senator are in Danger

Blomfeld traces the computer attack on the DIA back to Fiddler’s Neck island and realizes that that might be where Agatha has been hiding. At the same time, the senator is holding a press conference. Vega spots a body and realizes it belongs to a patient. But before she can act, the terrorist uses the patient’s identity to get close to the senator. He throws a DNA solution on her, which changes her DNA. He wants to show the possible side effects of Steven’s Law. It’s one of those weird plot twists that has become the trademark of Minority Report.

Is This the Beginning of the End?

Bloomfield raids Toddler’s Neck, but she’s not there. She’s at Arthur’s, warning him that her vision of the upcoming big milk bath seems even more likely. And as the senator slides into a coma, it seems that the precogs might be imprisoned no matter what they do.

There’s only one episode left of Minority Report. And now it seems unlikely that all the cliffhanger questions will be answered by the end of the series.

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