One of the big questions about Minority Report is trying to figure out just how long Vega can hide Dash’s true identity from her boss. It turns out that the answer is “until episode eight.” In “The American Dream,” we learn that Blake also has a secret of his own and it involves his association with the failed pre-crime program.

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A Bit of Backstory for Blake

As always, we begin with a flashback. This time, it’s back to 2050, two years into the pre-crime program. Wally (who is apparently the only person ever working at pre-crime central), realizes Dash is sleep-talking in his milk bath. Then the trio all have a vision of a murder. It’s a domestic violence situation, and the pre-crime unit breaks into a house and stops the potential murderer, an angry, drunken father named “Dante Blake.” Afterwards, the teenage son hugs his mother and we realize this boy will eventually become Vega’s boss. Hey, Minority Report can predict the past as well as the future!

Now They’re Just Trolling Donald Trump

In the present day (well, of the show), Dash reveals his latest vision to Vega. A man in a cap shoots two people. And there’s a drawing of an octopus and fireworks in the shape of a torch. Vega recognizes that as fireworks related to the celebration of “Amnesty Day,” which granted citizenship to 10 million undocumented residents. Akeela tracks the cap to a small Sino-African restaurant that Hawkeye has already flagged twice as a potential hotspot. The owner has also been flagged for evading security cameras.

But before Vega and Dash can investigate, they’re stopped by Blake. He tells them that he is planning on going with them, since the DIA is interested in their clearance rates. He wants to “see if I can learn something,” which of course can’t be good news. Seriously, Minority Report has been building up to this for weeks.

Blake Gets Back to His Police Roots

At the cafe, Dash explains to Blake that they’re only there because the system flagged suspicious activity. Although, you would think that Blake could later look up the logs and realize that’s not true. They talk to the owner, Martin Eppe, and he tells them that he wasn’t evading the cameras. He claims it’s a tough neighborhood and he was just trying to stay safe. Dash notices a delivery boy that is looking suspicious, and when Blake stops him, he begs them not to talk to him. Blake lets him go for now, but Dash spots a man watching the confrontation as he leaves the restaurant. Dash also recognizes the man’s tattoo from his vision.

Back at police headquarters, Blake and Vega empty the delivery boy’s bag and discover drugs and a gun. Akeela tells Dash that the delivery boy Felix is a “14.” Forty years ago, Congress gave amnesty to 10 million illegal immigrants. In exchange, they repealed the 14th amendment. People known as “fourteens” don’t receive any government benefits and work off the grid. It turns out that Blake was also a “14” when he was younger. Under interrogation, Felix denies knowing what is in the packages he delivers. Vega shows him the octopus tattoo and he refuses to say anything else. Blake seems to recognize it, however, and ends the interrogation. Blake then tells Vega he is going to let her chase her leads but that she had better be right.

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Terror Cells of Scientists

Akeela talks to Blake about his personnel files. He had asked her to examine all of his files to determine if there was anything the DIA would find troublesome. She tells him that he’s boring but that he should expect questions about his stepfather’s pre-crime conviction. Blake then heads to the DIA, where he’s part of a briefing about a new terrorist threat. A group called “Momento Mori” has been sending blurry photos of a skull to leading scientists. It’s an early Christian symbol meant to show the mortality of humans. So far, 16 people who received the image have disappeared without a trace. So what’s their plan?

Arthur finally agrees to help them, but all he got was the name “Tendo Guinta,” who turns out to be the tattooed mystery man Dash spotted leaving the cafe. He’s the leader of a gang named “Los Pulpos,” or “The Octopus.” Akeela tells Dash and Vega that Guinta is back at the cafe. But they leave the Octopus drawing behind and Blake shows up to interrogate Arthur. He had bugged the drawing in hopes of finding Vega’s secret informant. Blake tells Arthur that he should now be giving his tips directly to him. As Arthur leaves, he tells his assistant to “look into this” and lets her know that “all options are on the table.”

Haven’t You Ever Wanted to Run with a Precog?

Blake follows Vega and Dash to the restaurant, which is being robbed by three crooks. They get away, but not before Dash saves Blake’s life. Blake realizes that the only way Dash could have done that is if he was a precog. Blake puts Dash in an interrogation room at headquarters and tells Vega that he has no choice but to reveal the truth. Vega warns him that he’ll lose his job. Meanwhile, Akeela shows up in interrogation and tells Dash that she’s not sorry she became involved. Then she unlocks the door so he can escape, which is a good thing since Blake has decided that he is going to turn Dash over to the DIA. But Dash stays put and convinces Blake that he should help them stop the two murders before turning him over to the Feds.

This Changes Everything

Dash shows Blake his notebook. Blake manages to identify the location of the murder and the trio heads off to stop it. They spot Felix, but he tells them he isn’t planning to kill Guinta. The robbery at the cafe happened because the owner was behind on his protection payments to Guinta. They stole an important package, and if Felix doesn’t get it back, he’s a dead man. He tells them he has no choice, and Blake tells Felix he was once a “14” and his mother married someone she didn’t love to get citizenship. They’re then captured by the gang, who turn out to be delivering drugs by drone.

And This is What the Next Episode Will Be About

Blake tells Gunita that if he gives the package back to Felix, he’ll give him 24 hours to find a new place to do business. That, of course, doesn’t work, but the good guys are able to trick them and shoot up the place. The gang is busted and Blake lets the messenger go. Dash tells Arthur that Blake knows the truth about them and Arthur slugs him before telling him that “this changes everything.”

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