On Arrow, “The League of Assassins” isn’t willing to give up Sara. She comes under attack again when a small group of assassins is sent to find the Black Canary and bring her back … dead or alive. Their presence in Starling City stirs up trouble for those that she loves the most.

Spoiler alert: This article contains Arrow spoilers and clips.

How Did Sara Survive the Queen’s Gambit Explosion?

“League of Assassins” flashes back to show Oliver and Sara’s rendezvous on the Queen’s Gambit, the explosion, how Sara was able to survive in the sea, and who saved her. It’s an emotional and scary journey that’s forced on her. 

The flashbacks lead up to her being reunited with Oliver and the moment that he finds out that she survived.

Check out a flashback clip when Sara first meets Dr. Ivo (Dylan Neal). He wants to save the human race and wants her to help him.

League of Assassins in Starling City

Sara’s presence in Starling City brings the League of Assassins to town. Navid Negahban — best known for playing Abu Nazir on Homeland — plays Al-Owal. He gives the Black Canary an ultimatum to return to the League. No one leaves unless it’s by death.

Oliver Sees a Ghost

Al-Owal and his fellow hooded Assassins first attack Sara when she’s with Oliver. At first, he’s confused and believes he’s seeing Malcolm Merlyn as the Dark Archer. He’s never seen others wearing the same outfit.

Incredible Fight Scenes

As usual on Arrow, the fight scenes are intense, well-choreographed, and awe-inspiring. The action and moves that they come up with are unique and a highlight of the episode. The Black Canary and the Arrow fight multiple times against the Dark Archer. 

And, due to a surprising decision, they have someone else fighting on their side against the Assassins by the end of the hour. The battles aren’t easy and people are killed.

Moira Fights (or Maybe She Won’t) for Her Life

The Assassins aren’t the only life-threatening situation for the Queen family. Laurel partners with District Attorney Adam Donner to offer her a deal. Moira’s given a choice to plead guilty and take life in prison or face the death penalty at trial.

It’s a difficult decision for Moira to make. She still has secrets that she wants to keep from getting out. Will she stay behind bars for life to protect them? Or, will she risk a death sentence and fight for the possibility that she could be set free?

“League of Assassins” Trailer

Arrow airs on Wednesdays at 8 pm ET on the CW.

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