Big Brother 10 just had its best episode of the season.  Tonight’s was my favorite episode of the season.  There was a ton of gameplay, battles of wits, temptation, uncertainty and it ended with the most intriguing nominations we’ve seen thus far on this season of Big Brother.  Not everyone will agree with me, and probably not everyone enjoyed the episode.  It depends on how you feel about Dan.  He’s turned himself into a poor man’s Will Kirby.  Whether his intentions are exactly as he claims they are in the Diary Room is up for debate, but you have to give him one thing: he’s playing the game.  He’s taking chances.  We’ll see over the next couple weeks if they work out or not. 

The Head of Household Goes On

The first twenty minutes of tonight’s Big Brother episode showed Thursday’s endurance Head of Household competition.  Everyone save Renny competed.  The players held onto a vine as they were rained upon and slammed into a wall.  Jerry fell off in short order, followed by Keesha and Michelle.  Memphis’s body, at about the two-hour mark, couldn’t hang any longer.  Down to Ollie and Dan, the two began talking deal.  Dan, wanting to stay weak-seeming even with the Head of Household win, made an extremely poor deal.  According to him, it was on purpose.  In return for Ollie letting him win Head of Household, Dan gives him a multi-pronged deal.  Ollie can choose one nominee.  He will be safe, and he can keep one other houseguest safe from nomination.  In addition, if the PoV is used, Ollie gets to choose who goes up.  Ollie agrees, and drops, giving Dan the HoH.

Let’s Talk Nominees

Ollie and Dan talk.  Ollie wants to nominate Memphis.  Dan is receptive, and plans to keep with his deal.  Dan is probably going to nominate Jerry, and Ollie is OK with it.  Dan doesn’t tell his alliance members Memphis and Keesha much.  They assume he made a deal with Ollie, they just don’t know what it was.  Memphis infers correctly that he’s the one who will be nominated.  Dan doesn’t deny this, but he makes it clear that he isn’t entirely happy about it.  Memphis is pissed about it, and makes it clear to Dan that he would not, under any circumstances, ever nominate him if he were HoH.  Dan tells Memphis to trust him.

Dan, Keesha and Renny talk in the HoH room.  Dan knows that he only has to get two votes in his favor to keep Memphis around.  He thinks he can get Renny.  He brings it up to Renny, but she is steadfast in her need to get Memphis out of the house.  Dan and Keesha do their best to coax her, saying that they need the strength of a four-person alliance.  They promise that when it gets to down to four, Memphis will be the first to go, that they are the solid alliance of three.  Renny appears to be won over by this, but she is a known wild card.

And Your Nominees Are…

Dan keeps his word to Ollie.  He nominates Jerry and Memphis.

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