This week, we saw the finale of America’s Best Dance Crew 2, and the b-boys from Las Vegas, Super Cr3w, took home the title, defeating SoReal Cru’s Southern style.

But we didn’t all tune in just to watch the winners being announced. It was also a chance to see the fallen crews once again, and see how they would perform teamed up with the other crews from their region in the country. Did any of the routine uncover some geographic hot spots for developing a hit America’s Best Dance Crew performance?


I’d say the Midwest and the West delivered the most entertaining performances of the night, although each with a caveat.

I’m afraid I might simply be unable to view A.S.I.I.D. with an objective eye, because every time they perform, I just can’t help but love it. The finale performance from the Midwestern groups was no different. Extreme Dance Force did a serviceable job, but it was really for me the stage presence of A.S.I.I.D. that carried this performance.

The crews from the West showed that this could be the part of the country to watch for the next batch of top crews. It was exciting to see how Supreme Soul, Super Cr3w and Fanny Pak merged their styles to create a great performance. I did think it was a bit too crowded onstage with all three crews to be able to fully appreciate what they each had to offer, but that’s beyond their control. Despite the number of people, the crews did still come together to create a cohesive and dynamic routine.


It really hadn’t registered for me all season that Phresh Select, Sass x7 and Boogie Bots made up the entire representation of the East Coast. While each crew has its strengths, the group performance highlighted for me their weaknesses as well. Sass x7 is a great group of dancers, but still seemed out of place in the competition. Both Phresh Select and Boogie Bots showed their potential, but also showed that they need more time together as crews to develop a more exciting and coherent style.

With a third season of America’s Best Dance Crew in the works, maybe the East Coasters will take this performance as a challenge and we will see that region of the country send in some strong contenders for the next set of auditions.

– Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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Staff Columnist, BuddyTV