Fred Henry. Merv Bronte. Nellie Bertrum. Robert California.

These folks may not be real, but these are their real names, folks. Mindy Kaling says so herself! The Office writer and actress got the go-ahead from Paul Lieberstein (hi, Toby!) to share the upcoming Office guest stars’ character names with us today, and they’re on par with Ferrell’s DeAngelo Vickars, as fake awesome names go:

mindy-kaling-nametweets.jpgI can’t decide if I like Ray Romano as “Merv Bronte” (related to the sisters Bronte?) or James Spader as “Robert California” (related to the state California?) more. Character naming truly is an art.

Last week, Kaling tweeted that Arnett will play the Scranton Strangler and Spader will play his public defender. So that’s Robert California, AAL to you! (Maybe.)

(Images: NBC, WENN, Mindy Kaling’s Twitter)