We’re still in Punta Cana, still talking about the fight over what happened at the christening. The Real Housewives of New Jersey have moved on very little, actually. The worst part about these episodes in Punta Cana is that you know there’s no chance Kim G. will show up. Okay, VERY LITTLE chance.

Last time we saw the New Jersey Housewives, Teresa and Joe were stomping away from the group toward their own side of the private island. Well, they stomped into the bathrooms. Chris, Albie, and Greg spie on them relatively unsuccessfully. How many bathing suits did Teresa bring on this trip?

The fight continues into the night, as Teresa ignores Kathy, and Kathy has no idea what’s going on. When is that bar fight we read about going to happen? At the bar, the Joes face off to realize they’re the same height. At least they’re getting along and Joe Gorga and Teresa are friends again. They were all able to fuhgeddaboudit.

The next morning, Joe and Melissa showered together, and everyone saw Joe’s penis. Not everyone, just Chris and Albie. The men went golfing together, sort of. If you can call it golfing.

Three boobilicious outfits later, Teresa’s ready to greet the day, and Kathy is still pissed off. Ladies, relax, you can both be chefs! The market did not live up to the expectation, nor did it inspire Teresa’s new “fusion” cookbook.

The Manzo boys have elected to have a mini-pageant for “Punta Princess.” The categories are style, intellect, and creativity. They give Teresa the award for style, and Kathy gets the award for creativity. They want to give the intellect award to Melissa, but she doesn’t know who the vice president is. No one does.

Chris and Albie’s business, New Star, or whatever, is throwing a launch party for that black water. Melissa is performing for the party, and she’s being a bit of a diva about it. Oh well, you have to think big! And wait, Joe is trying to get her tigers? ON. DISPLAY.

To their credit, New Star did a great job marketing blk. The party seems cool, and like it’s a success. Now it’s all up to Melissa to bring it home with her very first performance of “On Display,” with or without tigers. She did a good job, she’s definitely in the upper echelon in terms of Housewives with singles.

Kathy and Teresa try to make amends. Do they completely know why they’re fighting? It doesn’t really matter, as long as they decide to let it go.

Next week, Teresa writes something offensive in her cookbook!

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