Meet the 20 contestants (split up into two teams by gender) competing on season 12 of Hell’s Kitchen, which premieres Thursday, March 13 at 8pm on FOX.

#21 Chef Gordon Ramsay

#20 Beth Taylor

Age: 43
Occupation: Line Cook
Hometown: Independence, LA
Signature Dish: Pecan Crusted Catfish with Wilted Spinach and Smoked Gouda Grits

#19 Bev Lazo-Gonzalez

Age: 42
Occupation: Food Truck Chef
Hometown: Whittier, CA
Signature Dish: Southeast Asian-Style Fish Tacos

#18 Jessica Vogel

Age: 28
Occupation: Line Cook
Hometown: Sparta, NJ
Signature Dish: Rosemary Crusted Venison Loin with Cranberry Ancho Chili Gastrique over Goat Cheese Polenta and Roasted Brussels Sprouts

#17 Joy Parham-Thomas

Age: 25
Occupation: Kitchen Supervisor
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Signature Dish: Chilled Corn Soup

#16 Kashia Zollicoffer

Age: 23
Occupation: Line Cook
Hometown: Carthage, MS
Signature Dish: New York Strip and Blue Cheese Crab Butter with Roasted Asparagus

#15 Melanie Finch

Age: 23
Occupation: Line Cook
Hometown: Woodland Hills, CA
Signature Dish: Pan-Seared Scallops with Mashed Lentils, Roasted Pear and Crispy Raspberry Gastrique

#14 Nicole Rutz

Age: 33
Occupation: Baker
Hometown: Morganville, NJ
Signature Dish: Halibut Filet with Squash and Tomatoes in an Herb Butter Sauce

#13 Rochelle Bergman

Age: 27
Occupation: Caterer
Hometown: Riverside, CA
Signature Dish: Mushroom Chicken with Asparagus

#12 Sandra Flores

Age: 36
Occupation: Sous Chef
Hometown: Queens, NY
Signature Dish: Tender Cod Filet with Macadamia Nut Fig Butter and Fire-Roasted Corn with Applewood Bacon

#11 Simone Hammond

Age: 43
Occupation: Buffet Cook
Hometown: Henderson, NV
Signature Dish: Peach and Crab Apple Chutney Pork Chop, Cornbread Dressing with Pecans and Haricot Verts with Fig and Cranberries in a White Wine Butter Sauce

#10 Anton Testino

Age: 39
Occupation: Head Chef
Hometown: Butler, NJ
Signature Dish: Pork with Crabmeat Crust

#9 Chris Eversole

Age: 27
Occupation: Line Cook
Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
Signature Dish: Poule Rotie

#8 Guarav Navin

Age: 34
Occupation: Executive Chef
Hometown: East Stroudsburg, PA
Signature Dish: Afreen Tuna Met Komyn Parfume Pulao

#7 Jason Zepaltas

Age: 31
Occupation: Sous Chef
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Signature Dish: Seared, then Braised Wild Salmon with Vegetables

#6 Mike Aresta

Age: 38
Occupation: Chef Instructor
Hometown: Keyport, NJ
Signature Dish: Herb-Fried Tortellini with Romesco

#5 Michael DeMarco

Age: 29
Occupation: Line Cook
Hometown: Scranton, PA
Signature Dish: Ricotta Gnocchi with Roasted Tomato Creme and Sausage

#4 Michael Gabriel

Age: 25
Occupation: Executive Chef
Hometown: Spring, TX
Signature Dish: Stuffed Chicken Breast with Asparagus and Diced Rosemary Yukon Potatoes

#3 Ralph Johnson

Age: 28
Occupation: Chef De Partie
Hometown: Boston, MA
Signature Dish: New England Lobster Dinner

#2 Richard Mancini

Age: 48
Occupation: Executive Chef
Hometown: Bloomingdale, IL
Signature Dish: Pan-Roasted Sea Bass with Roma Tomato and Basil Sauce over Sauteed Kale and Pancetta

#1 Scott Commings

Age: 36
Occupation: Executive Chef
Hometown: Woodstock, IL
Signature Dish: Herb Roasted Rack of lamb with Parsnip Puree and Sherry Jus

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