By now, every American Idol fan worth their salt knows that Chris Golightly (he of sad, sad orphan story) is out of the Top 24, and Tim Urban (he of adorable dimples and almost zero screen time) is in. The quick recap is that Chris was declared ineligible at the last minute due to an old contract with a record label and was unceremoniously booted and edited out of the Hollywood week hoopla. (Though we still spotted his blond ‘fro celebrating on stage with the Top 24.) That’s why, despite whatever Ryan was telling us last night, we only saw 23 names announced until the cheesy dance-off at the end when Tim Urban popped up.  
Still, questions remain around Chris’ elimination and his apparent ineligibility for other seasons. (According to an interview he conducted with Joe’s Place, he is ineligible for future season’s of Idol because of how far he made it in the audition process, a fact I’m sure will surprise repeat Top 50 contestant Lacey Brown.) The big question to me surrounds his replacement: Why Tim Urban? And more importantly, why not Thaddeus Johnson?

Until Hollywood Week, we’d never heard hide nor hair from Tim Urban. And when we were introduced to him, it was via a series of flat notes as he butchered David Cook’s “Come Back To Me.”  Meanwhile, Thaddeus got the red carpet rolled out for him during the Best of the Rest episode with Kara hollering for the 16-year-old’s audition like she was having a spiritual experience (or a song-induced orgasm) and Randy Jackson declared Thaddeus, “one of the best 16-year-olds I have ever heard. I’m impressed.”   
Idol continued to focus on Thaddeus throughout Hollywood Week, where they featured segments of him and his adorable Mom, and his “if looks could kill” moment when the American Idol house band played the wrong song during his audition. Thaddeus may have even had the line of Hollywood Week when he turned around and shot death rays at the Idol band leader. “I’m not ‘Bubbly,'” he said, speaking of Colbie Caillat’s song that haunted auditions, away went the death rays and out came a big smile for the judges and the camera, “but I do have a bubbly personality.” His quick-witted response earned laughter and cheers from his competitors and judges, with Kara going so far to breathlessly declare “that was so awesome. I love him.”  
Last night, with only one spot remaining for the guys, Idol remained Thaddeus-centric as the final decision was between him Andrew Garcia. When Simon Cowell broke the news to big booming voiced Thaddeus that he would not be part of season 9, he tried to soften the blow by saying, “You didn’t do anything wrong this week. You were great.” That’s the kind of rejection that makes me think, had a spot become available in the Top 24, as it did, that Thaddeus would be the person to fill it. But no, instead, Tim Urban took Chris Golightly’s spot, leaving us scratching our heads.  
So, why did Idol choose the barely seen Tim over the lauded Thaddeus? Are Tim’s dimples magic? Did Thaddeus’ curse filled temper tantrum after rejection cool the judges’ passions? We may never know, but I for one will be wishing we were watching soulful Thaddeus next week when Tim Urban takes the stage.

Abbey Simmons

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV