Finally, some good news for American Idol‘s most determined and cursed contestant, Angela Martin. As you know, Angela has made it to American Idol‘s Hollywood Week during three separate seasons only to have her dreams crushed by inexplicable tragedy and the judges’ denial. For season 9, we were positive Angela would be in the Top 24, as her inspiring story and hard luck was featured heavily. Simon Cowell went as far as saying Angela was “the kind of story this show is all about.”

But as you know, it was not meant to be and Angela was told for a third and final time she would not be an American Idol semi-finalist. As Kara Dioguardi tried to soften the brutal blow, she told Angela “don’t worry, there are other ways to succeed.” And it would seem Kara, with the help of fellow Idol judge Ellen DeGeneres are doing all they can to make sure Angela does succeed.

Ellen invited Angela on her other show this morning to talk about her time on Idol, her missing mother, and to surprise her with what we hope is Angela’s first big break. Watch the heart-warming video for yourself and maybe have a tissue or two near by.

(Image courtesy of FOX / Video courtesy of Warner Brothers)

Abbey Simmons

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV