During┬áthis week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York City, Sonja Morgan encouraged rumors that she indeed slept with Carole Radziwill’s ex-boyfriend, Russ Irwin of Aerosmith, while they were still together. Carole took to her blog to clarify a few things.

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“The thing about rumors is that everyone believes something about them, even if they are completely unfounded,” she wrote on her Bravo blog. “Did I believe Sonja was drunk in a bar one night in Los Angeles? Absolutely. Did I believe she and Russ, my ex-boyfriend, hooked up? Either while we were together or after? Nope. But Sonja sat in her hangover robe on that rooftop with her trademark ‘dingbat’ look and proclaimed that Russ did ‘flirt with her’ in St. Barth’s. And that’s all it takes to fuel a rumor.”

After Kristen Taekman told her about what Sonja had said, Carole decided to confront Sonja.

“I asked her what any normal girl would ask, what the f—?” she wrote. “Because where I’m from, women have each other’s backs. They don’t perpetuate gossip about their friends. Sonja denied that it happened but didn’t apologize for letting Satako [the facialist] repeat it while she giggled.”

But just to be sure, Carole wanted to talk to her ex. He too confirmed her suspicions that all of it was made up.

“Russ says he never banged Sonja and I believe him but hey, things happen. If that rumor is even partly true it says nothing about me and everything about Sonja. None of it good.”

And what does Sonja have to say on the matter? Little that makes any sense, of course.

“Regarding the beauty industry chatter it’s amazing how these rumors get started. I have to admit our group really stirs the pot though!” Sonja wrote on her Bravo blog. “I like to hear what is being said in the beauty community. It’s like when you are little and play the game of telephone. The teacher shows you how you start a message in one ear, and by the time it gets to the fourth or fifth kid it’s absurd! It’s just that — absurd, fun to play.”

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Gina Pusateri

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