Big Brother 19 will be the Summer of Temptation, and Julie Chen gave us our first look at the new house. The theme is all about temptation as HGs will be given offers throughout the season for money, power and safety, all of which come at a price that could impact the game.

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As the tour begins, Julie Chen walks in under a giant apple tree, straight from the Bible. There’s even a pillow with a snake on it, which seems like they’re throwing some shade at last year’s winner Nicole Franzel (aka Snacole). The living room also has giant signs with “Power,” “Alliance” and “Money.”

The first bedroom is the Money Room, with $6,400 in fake money framed on the walls (I’ll bet right now that at least one HG will wisely count up all the money, because that’s definitely going to be an HoH question at some point).

The kitchen has golden silverware, the lounge is filled with apples (again, the HGs had better count all the apples) and the bathroom is all about vanity with 18 Venetian glass mirrors.

bb19bathroom.jpgThe HoH room is all gold (it’s Donald Trump’s dream bedroom) and it has functioning safety deposit boxes that require two keys, which seems like a clue that there will be something inside one of them for the HGs to find. There’s also a giant chandelier in the bathroom.

bb10hohroom.jpgThe new house is definitely decadent and they’re really driving home the theme with all of the money and apples. And with lots of things to count and working safety deposit boxes, there seem to be a lot of things to drive the HGs into looking for secrets.

Big Brother 19 premieres Wednesday, June 28 at 8/7c on CBS.

(Image and video courtesy of CBS)

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