MasterChef believes in pushing the chefs to their breaking point. So what does Tosi, Eliott and Ramsay have in store tonight? As the competition gets down to the best of the best, you know they will test their mettle. No matter, it will be fun to watch.

Mystery Basket Challenge

The chefs arrive to a happy Ramsay. That’s not good because it means he has a challenge that excites him. Tosi introduces the challenge by telling the MasterChefs that now is not the time to relax but to focus.

The mystery boxes are waiting but Ramsay tells them to stand back. The MasterChefs are worried about what is in the boxes. Oh, rice falls out. Several different types of rice in fact! They must use the rice and the pantry to do an incredible dish that not only tastes good, but looks amazing as well. The winning dish will appear in Family Circle magazine in September. They could reach 17 million people! Now that is scary!

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As the chefs work, Ramsay and the others walk around to observe. Derrick brags to Elliott and Tosi. (I’m beginning to wonder if Derrick is a ringer?)  Time running out as the chefs plate their dishes.

After looking the dishes over, Ramsay calls Hetal to present. Hetal feels she has excelled with a rice porridge that does have color. Ramsay finds it classy, delicious and brilliant. Elliott agrees and tells her that she has “such control” of her cooking. Tosi finds it stunning and likes the deconstruction.

Next up is Tommy! Yes! Tommy has a top three dish! Elliott says this is the first time it is a no-frills Tommy. Tommy has prepared a jambalaya using a green pepper rice. Elliott gives him a high five and “good job.” Ramsay tells him that it tastes authentic and his dish is a dream.

The third dish went down the dessert route and belongs to Claudia. Claudia has done a arroz con leche and Tosi finds it delicious. The dish is light and has a surprising flavor. Elliott finds the dish so good that he and Claudia dance.

Tosi praises the dishes and tells the three that they showed their soul and heart. The winner who will have their dish featured in the Family Circle is Tommy. He goes into the pantry and is shown three flavor combinations. Tommy must choose which one that the group will use. Will it be peanut butter and jelly, ham and pineapple, or tomato and basil?

Elimination Challenge

Tommy chuckles as he goes upstairs. Ramsay announces that he has a top ten spot. Tommy has chosen peanut butter and jelly. Tommy can also save two people from elimination. One is chosen before they start to cook, and one after the cooking starts. Tommy saves Claudia. While Claudia thanks him for the honor, she wants to stay in the kitchen and cook. It’s the only way she’ll get better. I hope it doesn’t come back to hurt her! The others act as if she is crazy but in a strange way, she makes sense. Tommy doesn’t get to choose a replacement. They have one shot at the pantry and they’re off.

All rush around the pantry and return to their stations. As they start to work, Shelly realizes that she forgot two important components for her dish: peanut butter and jelly! The judges remind her that she cannot return to the pantry. She goes to Nick but he won’t help until he has what he needs. Hetal does offer Shelly peanut butter and Shelly finds jelly soon afterwards to complete her dish. Elliot talks to Claudia about her decision to cook and wants to know what if she’s in the bottom. She admits that she will regret her decision for the rest of her life. Is Claudia having second thoughts? Ramsay moves on to Sara’s station who is making a tart. Christopher is having trouble and Tosi sees defeat on his face. Christopher tells Tosi that he feels confident. (Keep that spirit kid and you may win.)

As time runs out, Ramsay reminds them that Tommy can save another chef. Tommy chooses to save Nick. Elliott wants to know why and Tommy says that Nick’s dish doesn’t look up to par. Ramsay asks Nick if he is accepting the “save” and Nick does. Of course, wouldn’t you?

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Judging and Elimination

The dishes are tasted. Ramsay calls Claudia first then warns her that she might go home. Her pork chop looks interesting, but I’m afraid of the seasoning on top. Ramsay cuts into the dish and it is perfectly cooked. Elliott also loves the dish.

Tosi calls Christopher up with his peanut butter tart. Tosi is impressed with his lattice work and loves the dish. He will be safe. Shelly gets some harsh words from Ramsay who isn’t impressed with her dish. He doesn’t like the taste either.

As the rest of the chefs present their dish, Hetal gets a fist punch from Elliott. Katrina’s satay and spring rolls gets high marks from Tosi. Sara is called forward by Ramsay with a tart. It’s not as pretty as Christopher’s and Ramsay can’t taste the peanut butter.

The judges enter the pantry to make their decision. Hetal and Katrina have the standout dishes and will be captain in the team challenge. The bottom two dishes belong to Sara and Shelly. The eliminated chef is Sara.

Next time on MasterChef

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