They may be young, but the amateur chefs of MasterChef Junior have massive culinary talent and big personalities, and we know you must have a favorite.

We love all of the MasterChef Junior cooks, ages 8-13. Let us know who are your favorites by voting!

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We will announce the results next Friday, October 25. But before you start voting lets take a closer look at the competition. 


Alexander Weiss, age 13, comes from New York City. With his level head and professional-level culinary skills, he is one of the strongest competitors and among the top 8 contestants. He is also polite and humble.


Dara Yu, age 12, is from Culver City, California. Dara’s distinctive red bow is an outward expression of the confidence she shows while cooking. She and Sarah had their hick-ups during the tag-team challenge in week 3, but they won the challenge in the end.


Gavin Pola, age 10, hails from San Francisco. He was among the top 3 in week 2’s elimination challenge, allowing him to compete in a whipped cream contest in which he got to drench Judge Joe in half-whipped cream!


Jack Hoffman, age 10, comes from East Rockaway, New York. Joe calls him “Hawaii Jack” because he often wears a Hawaiian shirt. Jack has a great smile and a good sense of humor. He won the advantage challenge on Week 2.


Kaylen Alfred, 11, is from Culver City, California. She joined Gavin and Alexander as the Week 2 winners and got to do what all of us have wanted to do — pour a bucket of something slimy (in this case, whipped cream) over Gordon Ramsay himself.


Sarah Lane, 9, is also from Culver City. She is one of the most vocal of the contestants and the youngest among the top 8. She is young, but she can cook!


Sofia Hublitz is 12 and from Brooklyn, New York. When she cooks, she is very focused and allows no distractions.


Troy Glass, 12, is from Thousand Oaks, California. 


Jewels Gold, 12, is from Manalapan, New Jersey. She has a very positive attitude.


Roen Miller, 12, is from Brooklyn, New York. He wants to own a restaurant when he grows up.


Molly Round, 12, is from Pasadena, California.


Tommy Peters, 11, is from Palos Verdes Estates, California. He is tall and confident.

Let us know who you love by voting.

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