With new producers on board for┬áseason 13, fans are hoping American Idol will improve and become the show we all know and love once more. In a new interview, the showrunner is addressing those concerns that are sure to make us breath a sigh of relief. Also in today’s Roundup, Kelly Clarkson has released one of the songs off her Christmas album, the track list has been revealed for Kellie Pickler’s upcoming album and Daughtry’s new record now has cover art and a track list.

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Season 13 Will Have a Revamped Song Catalog

There’s been a huge push to reassure viewers that there’s once again chemistry among the judging panel. And in a new interview with TV Guide, executive producer Per Blankens kept up that push. But since we already know all that, let’s focus on what else he talked about — what we really want to know is how the format and other elements will be overhauled to refreshen the show. When asked what sorts of changes are being made, Blankens said, “There was no need to really come up with one big new gimmick.” (Is that a dig at The Voice‘s red chairs?) “It’s rather about looking at all the little details.”

By little details, he means things like showcasing a larger amount of singers during the auditions, along with something new added when Hollywood Week begins — executive producer Trish Kinane points out that “There’s a bit of a shock element to it.” Interesting; I wonder if it’s going to be anything like the revamped middle rounds on the current season of The X Factor? Because that sure had a shock element to it.

Another overhaul that should get everyone’s attention is the music itself. Fans have long criticized the show for continuing to use a stale catalog, and that new songs need to be added, including more modern tracks. Blankens agrees, adding, “That doesn’t mean we’re going to do Billboard Top 10 every week. But if someone wants to sing a current song, they’re going to at least have the choice.” I hope this means the theme weeks won’t be as restricting.

And there was something else that piqued my interest. Kinane said that the results show will be done differently next year. “We’re going to reduce some of the results shows in length because those were too long and padded, so we’re going to redistribute that time and use it in different ways. These kids have a really extraordinary schedule — they’re working 13 or more hours a day — so we’re going to show some of that.”

I don’t really understand how they can made the results shows shorter; there’s no way FOX is going to have them be 30 minutes instead of an hour — Kinane mentioned “redistributing that time” and showing some behind the scenes clips, which sounds like it’ll still be a lot of filler until they announce who’s going home. Who knows, I guess we’ll have to wait until season 13 comes around to see what they mean.

Listen to Kelly Clarkson’s “White Christmas”

Kelly Clarkson is getting set to release her Christmas album, Wrapped in Red. And ahead of the October 29 launch, she has released one of the songs that she’s covering: “White Christmas.” Her voice on this track is just as beautiful as ever. And if this song is any indication, then the entire album is sure to played every year at Christmas time.

Kellie Pickler’s The Woman I Am Track List

Kelly Clarkson’s not the only one releasing an album this fall. On November 12, Kellie Pickler’s fourth album, The Woman I Am, will drop, and the track list has now been unveiled:

1. “Little Bit Gypsy” (co-written by Kellie’s husband, Kyle Jacobs)

2. “Ring for Sale”

3. “Buzzin'”

4. “The Woman I Am” (co-written by Kellie and Kyle)

5. “Closer to Nowhere”

6. “Selma Drye” (co-written by Kellie)

7. “I Forgive You”

8. “Bonnie and Clyde” (co-written by Kellie and Kyle)

9. “Where Did Your Love Go”

10. “No Cure for Crazy” (co-written by Kyle)

11. “Tough All Over”

12. “Someone Somewhere Tonight”

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Daughtry Releases Baptized Cover Art and Track List

This fall is the season of Idols, as Daughtry is yet another alum coming out with a new album, on November 19. They’ve already released the first single, “Waiting for Superman” and admitted they’re trying out a new sound on the record. Now the cover art and track list has been posted online. Chris tweeted, “Before the stock room guy at the ‘record store’ leaks this out to you, figured I’d beat em to the punch!” Take a look below:


Track List:

1. “Baptized”

2. “Waiting for Superman”

3. “Battleships”

4. “I’ll Fight”

5. “Wild Heart”

6. “Long Live Rock & Roll”

7. “The World We Knew”

8. “High Above the Ground”

9. “Broken Arrows”

10. “Witness”

11. “Traitor”

12. “18 Years”

13. “Undefeated”

14. “Cinderella”

15. “Battleships” (Acoustic)

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