The Amazing Race continued last week with some unusual challenges, such as mining and brining, in Chile. Chester and Ephraim were the first to check in at the Pit Stop because of an error made by Leo and Jamal. Remember to pay your taxi drivers, people! With Leo and Jamal settled in at second place, Brandan and Adam snagged the third place position.

Rowan and Shane were the last team to arrive at the Pit Stop and were eliminated from The Amazing Race.

Who will take the lead in this leg of the race? Let’s find out!

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Flying Off to Lisbon

The teams are flying to Lisbon, Portugal. Once they arrive, they will race to Martim Moniz Square and take a tram to the top of the hill where they will find their next clue. Chester and Ephraim are the first to depart and head straight to the travel agency. Leo and Jamal (the Afghanimals) decide to go straight to the airport.

The agency causes trouble for Chester and Ephraim when they discover that the flight that they are booked on arrives later than the flight that Nicole and Travis book. It turns out that the travel agent booked them on a flight a day later than they requested. That is some seriously bad news.

Ephraim, You Have a Call

While Chester and Ephraim are trying to buy tickets at the airport, they receive a phone call from the travel agent, who has found them an earlier flight. This plan saddles them with two connecting flights. These former NFL players are willing to take a risk and book the tickets.

Leo and Jamal are reunited with their “race wives,” Ally and Ashley. I hope that these crazy kids can work it out and end up together after the race, but I’m sure that is just me. Leo and Jamal tell Tim and Danny that they are flying out through London with their “race wives,” and invite them to come along. 

I Cannot Tell a Lie

Although a bit suspicious, Tim and Danny decide to trust them. When Marie (Reebs) approaches them and asks them for their flight information, they lie and tell her they do not have an earlier flight. This falsehood causes a bit of trouble between this duo when Danny says that they should not have lied to Reebs.

After a discussion, Tim and Danny decide that Leo and Jamal are playing games with them and opt not to take the same flight. Brandon and Adam are on the same flight as Tim and Danny. Chester and Ephraim continue to experience travel woes when their flight to Madrid is delayed.

Stand By Me

Meanwhile, Jason and Amy, Timothy and Reebs and Nicky and Kim desperately try to get added to the stand-by list for the next flight to Lisbon. Nicky and Kim sneak into an executive lounge and are added to the list.

This later causes a bit of an awkward moment when Tim and Reebs and Jason and Amy are trying to be added to the stand-by list, and find out that Nicky and Kim are already on it. I think that Nicky and Kim can forget about getting that extra Express Pass. It turns out that Nicky and Kim and Jason and Amy are added to the flight, but Tim and Reebs are not.

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Missed Connections

Poor Chester and Ephraim finally board a flight only to find that it is delayed. Once they finally land, they miss their connecting flight. Are you sensing a theme here? Chester and Ephraim cannot catch a break!

The Clue in the Coach

The clue is a picture of a coach, and teams are to deduce from this that they are to go to Muse Nacional Dos Coches, or the National Coach Museum, for the next clue. The teams encounter a detour where they can do “Tiles” or “Miles.” For the “Tiles” challenge, teams must assemble a life-size puzzle out of delicate tiles. Teams must use a giant navigation instrument and a huge map to figure out how far Magellan sailed to 10 destinations in the “Miles” challenge.

Nicole and Travis and Jason and Amy choose the Miles challenge and work together. They successfully complete the challenge and receive the next clue.

Road Block Ahead

At the next location, the teams face a Road Block. One member of the team must put on a suit of armor and use a device to shoot arrows at a shield. Jason gets it in one try, and he and Amy head to the Pit Stop.

At the same time, Nicky and Kim struggle with the puzzle challenge. Brandon and Adam also choose to complete the Tile challenge, while Tim and Danny decide to go the Mile challenge route. Leo and Jamal and Ally and Ashley try to figure out the Miles challenge, before they give up on that one and head off to try their luck with Tiles.

Timothy and Reebs arrive to do the Tile challenge — and to bicker, of course! They contemplate using the Express Pass, but finish the challenge instead.

Chester and Ephraim once again encounter a late flight out of London. Yikes!

The Pit Stop

The Pit Stop for this leg of The Amazing Race is Castelo Dos Mouros, which is a ninth century castle. Nicole and Travis are the first to reach the mat and check in with host Phil Keoghan. Besides being in first place, they also win a trip to Costa Rica. Good job! Jason and Amy are in second place, and Nicky and Kim come in third place.

And the Last to Arrive Is…

Chester and Ephraim finally arrive in Lisbon and are met at the airport by Phil Keoghan. They are the last team to check in and are eliminated from The Amazing Race.

The Amazing Race airs Sundays at 8pm on CBS.
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