So this is it, folks! The final four of this season of MasterChef battle it out under the watchful eyes of the kitchen devil himself, Gordon Ramsay, product placement fairy Graham Elliot and general meanie Joe Bastiani. And the contestants all have their pre-assigned roles: Christian is the arrogant a-hole, Adrien the soft-spoken genius, Suzy the doe eyed smart ass and Jennifer the sweetie underdog. Who will prevail?

Top Five Moments:

USA! USA! USA! To judge the finale, Gordon and friends have invited Master Chef judges from France, Israel and India. But, Graham proclaims, “we believe that the American contestants are the best!” Of course they are!

The Best America Has to Offer: So the challenge is to concoct an original dish, using “the best meat and produce that America has to offer,” as Graham announces proudly. And Jennifer knows what’s what. As a former beauty contestant representing her state at Miss America, she knows that “representing America is the biggest honor.” A little un-American how she describes the ingredients she uses though: the “creme de la creme of what America has to offer?” Come on, Jennifer! Team USA! Leave those French expressions alone!

American Culture on a Plate: Our four finalists split up into two teams: Suzy and Christian against Adrian and Jennifer. To represent what American culture is all about, Suzy has the bright idea to create a take on thanksgiving dinner. Duck and sweet mash with raspberry coulis it is! Jennifer and Adrian have a more wide-spread approach. They cook with lobster and prawns that symbolize the west and east coast. Where the dishes American enough? Joe didn’t taste “harmony” on Suzy and Christian’s dish, while their opponents’ dish didn’t have enough “oomph” for the Israeli judge. Maybe the American contestants aren’t quite that good after all?

As American as … Lemon Meringue Pie? Team seafood wins the challenge, or as Jennifer put it: “heart won against technical.” Suzy and Christian go head to head in the pressure challenge to snatch up the last spot in the final three. The task: bake a Lemon meringue pie. Sorry: the most amazing! stunning! beautiful! Lemon meringue pie. Gordon just can’t help but shout out random adjectives. Christian never baked such a pie before while Suzy has “that pastry understanding,” as Graham puts it.’ The suspense was just too much.

And Who’s Going to Win Now? But Christian, of course, wins the challenge and Suzy is sent home. “Don’t stop that burning desire,” Gordon whispers ominously. And after hugs are exchanged, the question emerges: who will win MasterChef? Reality TV logic dictates that the villain can’t take it home so it will be between Adrien and Jennifer. Who do you want to see winning? Who’s cookbook would you buy? Who is the best cook? Or will Christian defy them all in the end and be the most unsympathetic cookbook author in history? We will find out tomorrow!

Jan Cee
Contributing Writer

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