The Price is Right producers are apparently desperate to bottle some of Dancing With the Stars Ratings magic.  So far the legendary daytime game show has auditioned three former celebrity Dancing With the Stars contestants to take over for Bob Barker who has famously retired from the show.  According to TvSquad,  the latest is Ian Ziering, who just can’t seem to do enough to keep his name in the news these days.

So far Mario Lopez, George Hamilton, and more recently Ian Ziering.  Ziering seems to be everywhere these days, if not auditioning for the Price is Right, the former 90210 star can be found recruiting former costars to follow his lead onto Dancing With the Stars ballroom.  He has already successfully recruited Tori Spelling and Jenny Garth. Ironically enough, the same week Ziering got eliminated from Dancing With the Stars Bob Barker stole the ratings spotlight with his prime time special.

The most likely candidate at this point seems to be Rosie O’Donnell, The embattled former co-host of The View is being courted with zeal by the eyeball network who thinks she would be perfect for the show.  It would be an unusual shift for O’Donnell at this point, particularly since she has made a career out of being confrontational.

There isn’t much gossip circulating yet on how well Lopez, Hamilton, or Ziering were received by the Price is Right producers, but it is hard to dismiss the common thread between the three.   If it were Hamilton alone, it would sort of make sense in a creepy, extra crispy kind of way.  George seems born to fill Bob Barker’s shoes.  Lopez and Ziering just don’t make sense, and shine a huge light on the Dancing With the Stars connection.  If Joey Fatone or Leeza Gibbons are next to try out, we should all get very suspicious.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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