LOST fans are an eclectic creed, some are along for the ride, some are casually caught up in the mystery, and at the hardened core are the fans that will leave no stone unturned in the quest to find a theory that will “explain it all.”  Who knows who coined the term “Unified Theory of LOST,”  but the quest to define a scientific and philosophical context that explains the relationship between LOST‘s many mysterious conundrums has attracted a diverse and highly qualified set of individuals.

The goal is not an easy one.  Already we are dealing with issues as diverse as life after death, manifestation of intent, time travel, and lets not forget intelligent mind reading clouds of death dealing judgment.  It wasn’t always this convoluted of course, in the pilot LOST’s mysteries were pretty simple, what’s the big beast in the jungle and, in the words on the dear-departed Charlie, “Where are we?”  Things have gotten a lot more complicated since then.  See a pattern yet?

The problem with crafting a theory that explains how the myriad mysteries of LOST’s universe interconnect is that every episode seems to bring further murk to the mystery.   Although LOST producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have promised that it is all answers from here on out, we shouldn’t expect that those answers aren’t going to targeted towards evoking a massive “wow, I didn’t think of that” factor.  It’s even possible that the solution to smaller mysteries could carry clues that complicate the ‘end-game’ solution even more.  The stalwarts, however, are undaunted.

One such stalwart is Dr. Todd J. Hostager.  There are a lot of LOST fan sites that invite open discussion of LOST theories, Hostager has created a comprehensive site which IS the theory.  It’s called The LOST Hema theory.  HEMA, as you may have guessed, is an acronym, best explained by Hostager himself:

The HEMA acronym reflects this emphasis and it derives from the DHARMA acronym, specifically the “H” and the “MA”.  “H” refers to Heuristics, or the power of FOCUSED ATTENTION.The “MA” refers to Material Applications.  The “E” stands for Energy.  Simply put, HEMA Theory focuses on Heuristics (focused attention such as thoughts and emotions) channeled through the island’s unique Energy field to produce tangible results in the world, or Material Applications.  H–>E–>MA.

Hostager’s take on the nature of the island and what forces are at play is far to complex to summarize here, but his eye for the clues scattered throughout the show makes a stunning case for his beliefs.  Those interested can get a good primer of his theory here.

Has LOST’s central mystery been solved?  Perhaps the best question is, will the producers – with their ending of choice – confirm or deny anything with regards to the central construct of the universe in which LOST exists.  It would almost seem a pity if LOST didn’t resolve its story, but at the same time leave us with one grand mystery to debate for ourselves.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Source losthematheory.com)


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