Last week on Make Me A Supermodel, Ronnie Kroell, Katy Caswell and Frankie Godoy were put up for the vote by the judges. Frankie and Ronnie were both too stiff in their Fashion Week runway show to earn the judges’ praise. This is Katy’s fourth time being in the bottom three. She had to endure several rounds of tough criticism by her fellow models, the trainer and the judges just to get there. Does she have enough fans to keep her around for another week?

The bottom three models appear before Niki Taylor, Tyson Beckford and Cory Bautista to hear America’s verdict. Ronnie and Frankie are safe, but Katy must go home. After the models leave, the judges agree that America made the right decision. Cory says that Katy is a beautiful girl, even hot, but she is not supermodel material. The models at home are happy to see the boys are back, but are quickly distracted by Perry Ullmann’s self-entitlement complex.

The models go to the Bleeker Street Theater. For their photo shoot this week, they are divided into groups of three and they must act out a story together.

First up are Perry, Jacki Hydock and Ben DiChiara, who are portraying anger. Their mini-story is that Perry pissed away all of Jacki’s money, and she wants to beat him up, and Ben holds her back. Perry and Jacki get into a hugely passive-aggressive right. Well, there’s hardly any passive in it, and they even start hitting each other. It’s an airing of grievances like no other.

Ronnie and Holly Kiser act lovey-dovey (well, more like lewd) while Frankie fumes because Holly is supposed to be his girl. Ronnie gropes Holly and whispers sweet, dirty nothings into her ear. Tyson coaches Frankie to get into character, but I can’t get past his surfer boy accent.

Shannon Pallay, Stephanie Bulger and Casey Skinner act out a scenario in which Stephanie catches Casey with Shannon, the other woman. Shannon and Casey get into it, making out, while Stephanie has a hard time raising her voice and acting angry.

After the shoot, the photographer congratulates them all on a job well done, and chooses Perry, Shannon and Holly as his top three.

That night, Shannon and the girls confront Perry on his attitude. Shannon makes it clear that she has no interest in doing Perry’s chores or even hearing his jokes about doing his chores. Jacki teases Frankie for being Perry’s little bitch.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, the girls go shopping for decorations, while the boys go to Whole Foods and cook the dinner. Perry’s a little sad because today is his one-year anniversary with his girlfriend at home, but he’s not able to spend time with her. He makes a damn fine-looking dessert, though.

After dinner, the models find Valentine’s Day DVDs from their loved ones at home. Everyone gets a DVD except for Perry. Instead, Perry gets to calls his girlfriend on the phone. She alludes to some incident in Phoenix and says that they have a lot to talk about. She clearly doesn’t sound happy, but Perry bullies her until she says that she’ll love him forever and wants to be together forever. Perry confides in Frankie and Casey after the phone call. Casey definitely has some issues with love, while Frankie, “you know, like, man, like, you know?”

It’s Make Me A Supermodel runway show time! For their challenge this week, the models must choose partners—Jacki volunteers to fly solo—and act out various themes on the runway together. Ben, as last week’s winner, has immunity this week, so he really has to step up and help his partner Ronnie out if he wants to keep him around. Jacki prepares for her theme of “executive bitch” by making funny faces in the mirror.

Holly and Stephanie are a hero and a villain, but Holly really outshines her partner. Frankie and Shannon, as Old Hollywood, dress up as some kind of swashbuckler and a magician, respectively. Perry and Casey do a great job in being foppish together. Jacki is the lone executive bitch, and she’s got some hot librarian glasses which I now covet. Ben and Ronnie are glam rockstars, both wearing tights and eyeliner. Ronnie does a leap-frog over Ben, which doesn’t go over well with Cory Bautista.

The judges bring out the top three and the bottom four models. Holly, Shannon and Perry are in the top three, and Shannon is deemed this week’s winner. Now on to the duds. Stephanie, Frankie, Casey and Ronnie are all in the bottom. Up for the vote are Stephanie, Frankie and Ronnie; Casey gets a pass.

Stephanie has largely been unmemorable the entire season thus far, and Frankie really does only have one look. I’m encouraging all of you Make Me A Supermodel fans to vote to save Ronnie, and not just because he is as cute as a button with his best new buddy Ben. It’s true, he has been getting criticism from photographers and designers that his look is too wholesome and all-American, but he has shown the most promise out of the three. Especially in the earlier episodes, we saw the potential in him to be high fashion, so he just needs more time to get his mojo back. Call 1-866-I-WANT-02.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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