We’re only one episode into Flavor of Love 3, but I think it’s pretty obvious we have a clear frontrunner for the most controversial figure in the house: Shy. Some fans might be irritated by her confrontational manner, but most reality aficionados know that no show can meet its minimum required drama level without someone polarizing and brazen enough to help amp it up.

And so, of course, comparisons to the original drama-generator of Flavor of Love are inevitable, and Shy is already being called the New York of this season. So what does she have to say about it?

“People say I remind them of a betta version of New York But did u c my weave though how could u compare me to her stop playin!”

Well, one way we can compare the two is their stratospheric confidence levels. Ask any therapist or women’s study major: many young ladies struggle with self-esteem and feelings of low self-worth. Not these two, though. Here’s how Shy describes herself:

“I Grew up as an awesome, Curious, Ambitious, child destiny for greatness , daughter of a Preacher. I am a masterpiece.”


What kind of masterpiece is she specifically? Well, she’ll tell you herself: “I’m a ‘Renaissance Woman’: I rap, sing, dance, act, model t.v host and do comedy…dont forget tap dance jus playing lol.”

Like many of the women on Flavor of Love, her genuine interest in Flavor Flav might come into question eventually when her full resume becomes known. Flav seems to feel a bit conflicted about women who have ambitions within the entertainment industry, and she certainly does. She’s been rapping and singing and says she’s toured with CeCePeniston and Dawn Tallmen. She’s also said that her first paid feature film role as an actress was when she appeared in Bernard Dixon’s Lyrics.

So while she was noted by Flav to be in it for him, she’s not making a secret out in the world that she’s also looking for entertainment success while she’s looking for love. She says, she’s a “Super Star! YES SIR! I’AM CHI TOWN! I DO IT ALL WHATEVER U NEED FROM ACTING TO MUSIC TO DANCE I DO IT ALL”

– Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: MySpace, Flavorofloveworld.com
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