Yeah, so maybe power rankings are relatively useless at this juncture of a Survivor season  But, they’re still fun and being needlessly speculative is one of my favorite things, so we might as well go for it, right?  I’ve got a theory regarding the Favorites and this theory has informed the below rankings.  After the Jonny Fairplay debacle on the season premiere of Survivor: Micronesia, I believe that any alliances that formed over that first episode will disappear by episode two.  The Favorites are going to be so determined and angry after losing the first immunity challenge that they’ll have no choice but to band together and momentarily forget about any sort of game play.  This, I believe, will lead them to immunity victory and buy more time for new alliances to form as they won’t have to think about voting someone new off until episode three or later.  Also, as we saw in the promos, Ozzy and Amanda are about to get it on and that changes everything. 

#9 – Eliza Orlins

Everyone I watched the premiere with had the same reaction to Eliza: we couldn’t stand her.  And, if she’s that annoying in a forty three minute episode in which she received limited screen time, I can’t imagine how her fellow tribe mates felt.  Even if it’s not her the next time the favorites go to tribal, she’ll be targeted soon enough.

#8 – Jonathan Penner

Despite getting buddy-buddy with Yau-Man, I don’t buy it.  The sneaky side of Penner will burst through the surface at some point, or he’ll make a bone-headed move and switch alliances.  Regardless, it’s impossible for anyone who watched Survivor: Fiji to even think about trusting him. 

#7 – Ami Cusack

Since I don’t have much of anything to say about Ami regarding last week’s episode, how about this: The Sun newspaper decided to cover the Survivor cast viewing party last Thursday.  Though CBS didn’t allow any media outlets inside, The Sun shrewdly posted up out on the smoking patio and spoke with cast members as they ingested tobacco.  Ami was being interviewed and, as luck would have it, Flicka from Cook Islands came outside and began making out with Ami right in front of the cameras. 

#6 – Cirie Fields

Cirie is likable and has already set herself up as a swing vote.  I never like this strategy (whether it’s an actual strategy or just circumstantial) because it means you have no allegiances.  Cirie may float on for awhile, but eventually she’ll get the boot.

#5 – Parvati Shallow

Parvati was up to her old flirty ways in the premiere and couldn’t keep her hands off of James.  The part about this that secretly excites me is that, even if the two get romantically involved, James is the kind of guy who  would not hesitate to vote off Parvati if he had to.  That would be awesome.

#4 – James Clement

James is simply too big of a threat to not vote off when given the chance.  He’ll probably make it to the merge because the favorites need his strength in the challenges (especially if Joel Anderson is still around for the Fans).  He’s one of my favorite Survivors ever, so I’ll be rooting for him no matter what.

#3 – Yau-Man Chan

Yau-Man is one smart guy.  He’ll figure out a way to advance deep into the game even if he has a target on his back.  He’s that intelligent.  Unfortunately, when it gets down to the final four or five, he’s unlikely to win the challenges and the others will realize he’d be a shoe-in for a final jury victory and promptly vote him off.

#2 – Amanda Kimmel

Although I’m basing this off of a few seconds of film, is it possible that Amanda and Ozzy become the new Rob and Amber?  Amanda is a good game player, and if she and Ozzy become inseparable they could lead a strong alliance well past the merge.  Just like last season, however, I don’t see Amanda winning it all as, if she and Ozzy make the final two, she’ll probably be viewed as a person who rode coattails.  Last season it was Todd, this time it will be Ozzy.

#1 – Ozzy Lusth

Ozzy, if he makes it to the merge and somehow sheds James from the game, could be an unstoppable force in the individual immunity challenges.  If he ends up with a loyal Amanda by his side, you have the makings of a possible champion.  He’s not a master strategist, but he’s made it to the final jury before, and unless he goes up against a person like Yau-Man in the final vote, Ozzy would probably win.  Remember, the only reason Ozzy didn’t win the million his first season was because he went up against the genius of Yul Kwon.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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Oscar Dahl

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