Last week on Make Me A Supermodel, Jay McGee, Katy Caswell and Casey Skinner were cruelly put up for the vote by hosts Niki Taylor and Tyson Beckford. This marks both Jay’s and Katy’s third time being in the bottom three. Do they have enough fans voting for them to keep them around?

The three models get ready for the elimination ceremony in the morning. Casey’s personal hygiene frightens me, as he wakes up in a pile of potato chip crumbs on his bed. How is that even comfortable? Anyway, the models assemble at the end of the catwalk in front of Niki, Tyson, Cory Bautista and Jennifer Starr. The judges announce that Katy and Casey are safe, but Jay must now pack his bags and go home. Behind his back, the judges agree that America made the right decision.

Back at the house, the other models talk about Casey and Katy. Stephanie Bulger remarks on Casey’s belly, while Ronnie Kroell says the exact same thing about Katy, only harsher. Apparently, it is Beat Up On Katy Week because this is only the first of many conversations about Katy being a porker.

As indicated by the title of the episode, the models’ assignment this week is all about New York Fashion Week. It will be all runway all the time, with no photo shoot. It’s also Ronnie and Ben DiChiara’s birthday. Aww, they are birthday buddies! All the models get dressed up for a night on the town to celebrate. They go to a very swank restaurant where they all behave like children. Jacki Hydock boasts that she can make herself fart on command, and after much egging on, she obliges them. That makes me like her a lot more! I never said that I was mature or anything.

The models get some intensive runway training from Cory and Debbie Deitering. She thinks Katy is way behind the rest. Ben, having benefited greatly from Ronnie’s runway tutelage, is doing extremely well. Ronnie’s formerly fierce walk, however, is beginning to falter, so Ben gives him come-hither eyes as motivation.

The girls get to talk in their first Fashion Week show for designer Jerry Tam’s line Form. I like that they are getting real-world experience, instead of just walking for the judges every week. Even the final runway show of the season on that other modeling reality show always seems so contrived. Jerry Tam, the designer of Form, is most impressed with Holly Kiser and Stephanie. His least favorites were Shannon Pallay who is too tall, and Katy who is not high fashion enough.

After the girls’ runway, the models come home to find a great spread of food and alcohol, and everyone immediately gets down to playing the “Mostly likely to…” game. Everyone except for Katy, that is, who goes upstairs to sleep, giving everyone else their cue to begin Operation: Katy Is A Punching Bag Round II. Also of note, Perry Ullmann and Jacki get into a little passive-aggressive bitch-fight, Jacki calling Perry “least likely to improve” and Perry calling Jacki “least likely to win Make Me A Supermodel.” This only means, I think, that they will be hooking up soon.

For their turn, the boys get to walk in the R. Scott French show in Bryant Park.  Scott French is a tiny, tiny man with a triangular head, but he has this nervous sort of energy that I find infectious. Each guy gets to wear three looks during the show, and there’s some clever camerawork here in which their clothes seem to magically morph from one look to another. It’s a cool effect. Scott French thinks Perry, Ben and Casey are the best. Ronnie is too wholesome and Perry is too cocky, but I think he just looks like Lurch.

The models go back to Studio X for an intensive workout with their terrifying trainer. The trainer gives Katy a hard time for smoking and not losing any weight. He targets Ronnie and Frankie as well, for developing love handles and for doing girl push-ups, respectively. Back at the house, the models begin Round III of Talking Smack About Katy behind her back. Poor girl.

The episode ends, as usual with a Make Me A Supermodel runway show featuring downtown New York grunge looks that gives the models one last chance to show what they’ve learned at Fashion Week. Everyone seems to have become very comfortable on the runway now, except for Ronnie who is still flustered that he lost his walk.

After the show, the judges compliment Holly for tearing up the Form runway, and Casey and Ben for improving by leaps and bounds since last week. The judges are disappointed that Jacki only has one walk and isn’t proving to be a very versatile model. Finally, it is Round IV of Kick Katy While She’s Down, but at least this time, it’s to her face and not behind her back.

The top three models this week are Holly, Ben and Casey. Ben is the winner and will have immunity next week. The bottom four are Frankie, Ronnie, Katy and Jacki. Of them, only Jacki is safe. That means Ronnie, Katy and Frankie are up for the vote.

For the love of God and all that is holy, please vote to save Ronnie! Call 1-866-I-WANT-01.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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