As this season of The Bachelor inches closer and closer to its closure, you have probably been bombarded with promise after promise that this season’s ending is the most shocking one to date, or something to that effect.  Now that brand new spoilers have come out, it does look like the final few episodes of The Bachelor is indeed explosive, especially the After the Final Rose special set to air on March 2.

Take note, however, that these spoilers are never confirmed by ABC, Jason Mesnick, or anything or anyone reliable.  These rumors are based on emails between Melissa and Jason, which a friend of Melissa’s allegedly leaked out.  Read at your own risk.

Major (potential) spoilers.

Earlier this year, there have been unconfirmed rumors that Jason will be choosing Melissa on the final rose ceremony based on screen caps of the proposal.  Some die-hard fans have noticed that there were unique “moles” (freckles, they more resemble) on the hand that Jason kisses on the image, which supposedly match those on Melissa’s hand.  For a lot of people, this looked pretty much enough evidence, and they have resigned to the fact that it would be Jason and Melissa, after all. There were also rumors that the final happy pair are actually still together, happy and everything.

Brand new spoilers, however, would reveal a very unexpected twist in events.

Apparently, it was all a ploy by ABC to release those photos in order to drum up anticipation over the final rose. According to the leaked emails, although it was indeed to Melissa that Jason will be giving the final rose in New Zealand, Jason is not with her right now.  As will allegedly be seen on the After the Final Rose special, Jason will end his engagement to Melissa and instead go with Molly.  As it turns out, it was never about Melissa at all.  It had always been about Molly.  ABC will package this little twist as Jason merely “changing his mind” after thinking about it long and hard.

If such is indeed the case, poor Melissa.  One minute she’s engaged to Jason, the next, she’s being called for an “emergency ATFR taping” in Los Angeles to tell her that the engagement is over and Jason has changed his mind.  All along, she was thinking that Jason is finally going to tell her that he’s over the dumpee, only to realize she had become the dumpee.  Even more shockingly, Jason has allegedly been having weekend meetings with Molly since The Bachelor stopped taping in November while he and Melissa were engaged.

To repeat our reminder, these reports are unconfirmed and should be taken lightly.  Now we really have to watch The Bachelor.

– Glenn Paul Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Oh No They Didn’t, Reality Steve
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