Can you believe it’s almost time for the finale of The Bachelor? Jason Mesnick, the handsome single dad from the Pacific Northwest, has narrowed the field of 25 eligible women down to just two, Molly and Melissa.  We’ve watched each of them through this incredibly strange journey, from the first meet and greet, to hometown dates, and finally to spending the night in fantasy suites.

The Bachelor 13: Team Melissa Vs. Team Molly

So, will it be Melissa, the 25-year-old sales representative from Dallas, or Molly, the 24-year-old department store buyer from Grand Rapids, Michigan?

You know what it’s time for: a Team Melissa versus Team Molly face-off!

Who’s more compatible with Jason? Read on, and you decide!

Team Melissa   (Captain: Meghan Carlson)

Melissa, The Bachelor 13

From the moment she stepped out of the limo in the first episode of The Bachelor, Melissa stood out. Her mile-wide smile and positive attitude set her apart from the rest of the bachelorettes this season. Now she stands as one of the final two competing for Jason Mesnick’s heart. Even as drama erupted between the women during the first few episodes, Melissa stayed out of it and kept her eye on the prize, taking every opportunity to connect with Jason. And it paid off—of the two remaining women, Melissa definitely has the strongest connection with The Bachelor. With the final episode coming up, it’s up to Jason to pick the love of his life. Here’s why he should (and will) pick Melissa, plus a few reasons why he might make a crazy mistake and not do so.


Maternal Instinct.
Melissa not only says that she’s ready to be a step-mom, but she shows it. When she went to Jason’s houseboat in Seattle, she found a note on the door telling her to make herself at home while Jason put Ty to bed. Melissa’s “making herself at home” turned out to be cleaning up after father and son. She loves kids, and hopes to be a first-grade teacher. And kids love her–when she took Jason home to Dallas to meet her friends, their children gravitated toward Melissa. She even made Ty a box for his tooth fairy monies! If Jason’s looking for a doting step-mom with extensive finger painting knowledge and summers off, Melissa’s his gal.

Chemistry. We all know that Jason and Melissa can’t keep their hands off each other. That’s clear enough. Sexual chemistry is essential, but they have also formed an emotional connection, and their personal chemistry is evident in every conversation they have. From their first one-on-one date, they’re all smiles when around each other. Unlike the other women, Melissa hasn’t put a wall up, and always tells Jason when she feels upset or vulnerable. Even when tackling tough subjects like her problems with her parents, their connection seems effortless and safe. Which is probably part of the reason why they’re always touching and mackin’.

Personality. First of all, she has one (Sorry, Molly, but I haven’t seen much on your end). And, bonus: it’s one that Jason has time and again said he finds very attractive. She’s easygoing and flexible, which fits Jason’s active lifestyle and adventurous philosophy. She’s fun and enthusiastic, but not overbearing. It’s clear that Jason likes to take the lead in the relationship, which makes him a good fit for Melissa, who is sweet and unassuming, and could use somebody strong to help rebuild her relationship self-esteem.


The Parent Thing. So Melissa’s parents were uncomfortable being on camera, so he hasn’t met them, which was sad, but kind of a plus when you think about it. They didn’t want such an important, intimate moment to be fabricated for entertainment value. When they meet Jason, they want to be themselves and “cherish the moment.” These sound like smart, genuine people to me—isn’t that what you want in your in-laws?

The Cheerleader Thing.
Melissa used to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, and it’s easy for people to make assumptions about her priorities and maturity because of that title. Since getting to know her better, Jason has tossed out a bunch of misplaced notions he had about Melissa, but she’s still 25, and in the way she carries herself can come across as rather naïve and innocent, despite what she says.

The Self-Confidence Thing. Over the course of the season, we’ve learned that everyone thinks Melissa is wonderful—except Melissa. Is she weak, or just humble? We all know at least one girl in our own lives who’s like this: beautiful, fun, intelligent, and totally hard on herself. Some find it endearing, and others find it annoying. She’s not assured of her own worth yet, and that may turn off the very confident Jason.

The “Dude, Don’t Discount This” Wildcard: Melissa’s a bikini model. Check it out.

Team Molly  (Captain: Debbie Chang)

Molly has consistently been one of the first to receive roses from Jason at every Ceremony, and now she’s vying for the single most important rose he’ll give away. There’s something special about Molly, more than the cameras can show, because the more he sees of her, Jason just “can’t get enough” Molly. She’s up for anything and clever–remember, she sang her way to his heart (and inside his tent) by making him laugh in the singing challenge. She’s articulate, composed, and mature–much like Jason–and Molly finally let her guard down in the last episode in New Zealand, when she allowed Jason to see how much she loved him, and hence how vulnerable she really is. There’s more than meets the eye with Molly. Now it’s up to Jason to reveal what he sees in her. Here’s why he should (and will) pick Molly, plus a few reasons why he might see they’re not the perfect fit.


Similar interests.  During Molly’s hometown date in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the first place she took Jason to was the golf course.  They played a few rounds, wearing their uber-preppy golf gear, and they seemed completely at ease.  It looks like they were born to spend their free time out on the green, and according to what Jason told Molly’s parents, his three-year-old Ty might soon be following in his old man’s footsteps.  Then, when Jason sat down with Molly and her parents in their McMansion, what did they talk about?  Golf, of course.  I don’t doubt that opposites attract at times, but in my experience, relationships are most often successful when the two parties share a mutual interest that they are both excited and passionate about.

Confidence and self-assuredness.  What I really like about Molly is that, unlike many other women on The Bachelor, she never seems to be seeking the approval of others.  She seems like a self-confident young woman who is happy with who she is.  She knows what makes her happy, and she’s not afraid to go after it.  This is the kind of self-confidence that is crucial for a lasting relationship.

Physical compatibility.  During the Seattle group date, Jason Mesnick named Molly as the best kisser on the show.  It’s unclear whether he was referring to all the women he were seeking his love, or just the three who were on the group date.  Either way, this is still high praise.  I don’t think I need to point out how important chemistry and physical intimacy are for relationships to work.  Hell, I think sometimes the physical stuff is often the only thing that keeps people together.  Presumably, Jason knew that his camping date would involve an overnight component, and he chose Molly for this.  They obviously have fun together.


Emotional stoicism.  Jason apparently needs an emotional woman to be his wife.  I’m not sure why.  Maybe he has this thing where he fantasizes about being the knight in shining armor to swoop in, dry the tears and save the day.  But Molly is definitely not emotional.  Even her explanation about why she keeps her guard up was not a very emotion-filled revelation.  This is certainly no criticism of Molly, but it may be a reason why Jason might not choose her.

Not ready for motherhood.  Molly has told Jason that she is ready to be a step-mother to Ty, but she is not really demonstrated any real desire to be a mom.  She is very young, only 24 years old, and I’m not sure that she quite grasps the reality of becoming a parental figure so early in her adulthood.

Bland personality.  It’s really bewildering, frankly, how Molly even made it to the Final Two.  Perhaps she is a victim of editing, but I’m hard-pressed to remember any real moments she shared with Jason that made her stand out from the rest of the field.  OK, she did the Walk of Shame and she likes golf.  But other than that, there has been nothing that shows that she has a strong or unique personality.  (On the other hand, maybe this is the kind of woman Jason likes, so maybe this item should actually be in the pro list.)

The “Dude, Don’t Discount This” Wildcard: She didn’t bat an eyelash when asked to bungee jump in New Zealand. As Tyra would say: Fearlessness is fierce!

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