Hearing the words Magic City brings about thoughts of several cities that have adopted the title, if not another big Criss Angel or David Blaine special. However, just mention the name Jeffrey Dean Morgan and a radical redefinition takes place. 

What to Expect on Magic City season 1:

Starz’s upcoming series Magic City is set in Miami in the late 1950s, where mobsters were the kings of the streets. They also had dealers and gangsters, strippers and cops, making the city shine with personality.

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But this period drama follows the life of luxury hotel boss Ike Evans (Morgan), head of the splendid Miramar Playa Hotel. Things aren’t as spic and span as he’d like it to be though, because he’s involved with some dangerous people. Worse, it might even include his own family. 

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Though married to a former showgirl named Vera (Olga Kurylenko), Ike ends up selling his soul to mob boss Ben “The Butcher” Diamond (Danny Huston). He believes it’s all for the sake of his big dream, but will he live long enough to sustain it?

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Vera and their three kids have no idea of what Ike has done for the sake of his success. He starts living a life of lies, reflected in the very place he works. The Miramar Playa might be wholesome by day, with clowns and cha-cha lessons dominating the scene. But as the sun sets, escorts take control and secret affairs start.

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It’s not all bikinis and cars, as intrigue lurks in every corner. The rise of the Kennedys, the CIA, even Havana – all of that’s taking place as the residents of Miami do their thing. From legendary musicians to seedy liaisons, everyone’s busy getting entertained. Problem is, everything comes with a price.

Catch the preview for Magic City season 1 below: 

Magic City season 1 also stars Jessica Marais, Steven Strait, Christian Cooke, Dominik Garcia Lorido, Elena Satine, Kelly Lynch, Michael Rispoli, Yul Vázquez and Oscar-nominated Seymour Cassel. Brought to us by writer-director Mitch Glazer, the period-drama premieres in the spring of 2012 on Starz.

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