A bizarre series of female deaths and disappearances leads to a creepy suspect, while a mysterious stranger arrives to avenge a friend’s death-by-Grimm. All of this points out the many dangers of dating in the modern age. “Lonelyhearts” will air on Friday, November 18 at 9pm on NBC.

#20 Captain Renard and Hank discuss the case.

#19 Sergeant Wu is not impressed.

#18 Captain Renard reads his newspaper and possibly engages in police and/or monster business.

#17 Nick gets into a disagreement with his computer.

#16 Hank reacts to this computer problem.

#15 A visit to the morgue is guaranteed to make everything even creepier.

#14 Apparently, Monroe plays the cello. As wolves are wont to do…

#13 Nick looks through one of the trailer’s creepy books for clues.

#12 The grocery store is much less creepy.

#11 It’s also far more romantic.

#10 This man has a scythe.

Henry Lubatti guest stars as Slivitch.

#9 Captain Renard is not impressed by scythes.

#8 This makes sense, since the scythe didn’t do Slivitch much good.

#7 That would be an ear.

Also, ewwwwwwwwww!!!

#6 Out of the way!!!

#5 That is one impressive police chase.

#4 It’s never good when the police are too shocked to shoot.

#3 Nick and Hank take a casual stroll through a seriously messed-up crime scene.

#2 Hank needs a bigger flashlight.

#1 Billy Capra (guest star Patrick Fischler) is ready for his date.

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