Last week on Love in the Wild, our couples grew comfortable as couples. Jenny felt as though her connection with Ben was one that could not be broken. Well, brace yourself for this week because the girls are in for a wake-up call!

That’s right, folks! There are six new women moving in on our couples, creating another round of trios. Who will be named a home-wrecker and who will lose her chance at love? Six women will go home tonight, so let the cat fights begin!

The new women are now being paired up with the already set couples, forming trios. Here are your new trios:

Chase, Ali and Jenna
Jesse, Tara and Jenny
Jason, Cina and Vanessa
Ryan, Summer and Natalie
Ken, Yanina and Lindsay
Ben, Jenny and Michelle

“It’s every guy’s dream and every girl’s worst nightmare,” says Jenny McCarthy.

Jenny jumps on the opportunity to screen Michelle, letting her know that she and Ben “established a connection.” You might want to tell Ben that first. “I don’t want to go to the Oasis with that.” Thank goodness Michelle walks up, cutting off Jenny’s tearful complaints. These crocodile tears will surely run Ben in the other direction.

The next morning, Jenny stands with a block of amber.

Challenge: Each trio must fetch a lantern from one of the trees before them, retreive the map and follow it to find the amber. Wait, there’s a catch. They must do this while their ankles are shackled together.

Right off the bat, we find out that Jenny DOES NOT want to win. She doesn’t want to sleep in the same bed with Michelle. Looks like sabotage is on the menu tonight.

“Ali is frustrating the [expletive] out of me,” confesses Jenna. Chase has already mentioned that Ali’s age of 33 is more “jaded” over Jenna’s fresh age of 23. This could be interesting.

Inside a bat cave, the first sign of Jenny’s plan is seen. After fetching two ropes from a locked box, she and Ben head back to finish their leg of the journey with the finishing pieces — a kiss — and then meet back up with Michelle. One problem. Ben finds that Jenny has purposely dropped their map. Throwing a competition where one wins money doesn’t seem to be the best way to earn a steady relationship. I like the fact that the editing team has kept footage of Jenny hitting her head on the cave ceiling before reaching ground level.

“I’m not going back to the lean-to,” says Chase. That should be all the inspiration needed to not be in last place, but as of now he, Ali and Jenna are still in last place.

In better couple news, it seems as though Jason and Vanessa have made a love connection. Their kiss looks to be quite enjoyable for both involved.

Back to the race! The teams are popping up on the beach, digging for the amber. Ben, Jenny and Michelle find their amber first with Ken, Yanina and Lindsay hot on their tails, running along the beach.

Challenge Winner: Ben, Jenny and Michelle

It looks like Jenny will have to suffer through a night at the Oasis and a sailboat ride. “I’m being a little brat,” she whimpers. Yes, you are!

“I just hope I get to stay with Ben over Boobs McGee over there,” comments Jenny. She can’t even give their gorgeous new home five minutes before she’s back to whining.

At the cabins, the original girls are now playing childish games with the new girls, hazing them, so-to-speak. Who hides towels, though? Really! This show is already a bit ridiculous, let’s be honest. Now you want to haze girls who joined the show for the same reasons you did? Ali, the 33-year-old, as Chase so charmingly points out, is the captain of the brigade!

Unbeknownst to Jenny, Ben and Michelle are getting along swimmingly while playing a game of pool. She may have fake breasts and tan, but I can’t say I would blame Ben. Spotting dolphins while on a sailboat definitely doesn’t help Ben’s decision one bit. He wants to be able to mesh the two women together. Not sure how attractive that one would be.

Back at the cabins, the singles are mingling all over the place. Chase is talking to Summer, Ryan is chatting with Jenna, and Jason and Vanessa continue to let their newly-found crushes blossom. “All of a sudden,” starts Tara, “a bomb went off.” That bomb is the realization that Jesse actually wants to be paired up with Ali. The plot thickens as Tara confesses to having had “intimate relations” with her partner. That’s probably an overshare.

Round 1: Choose One Woman from Trio

Ben — Michelle (Better luck next time, Jenny!)

Ken — Yanina

Ryan — Natalie

Jason — Vanessa

Chase — Ali

Now, as stated before, Jesse wants Ali. Ali is partnered with Chase.

Round 2: Choice from Unmatched Area

The unmatched area consists of both Jenny, Lindsay, Summer, Cina, Jenny and Tara.

Ryan takes Jenna for Natalie. Chase switches Ali for Summer.

“You know all of these guys are such sweethearts .. well, except for you, Jesse. You’re just fake as hell,” says Tara.

With that said, Jesse sends Tara packing and is joined by Ali.


Ben and Michelle
Ken and Yanina
Ryan and Jenna
Jason and Vanessa
Chase and Summer
Jesse and Ali

Eliminated: Jenny, Jenny, Tara, Lindsay, Cina, Natalie

Anyone confused? The good news is that this should be the end of the extra, and less than necessary, competitors. Next Tuesday is sure to bring more adventure, but the drama is what you don’t want to miss. “Jesse is like the one night stand that won’t go away,” says Ali. Now what could have brought this on? Tune in to Love in the Wild next week to find out!

Jilliane Johnson
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Jilliane Johnson

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