To most, Monday means the beginning of yet another work week. For us, Monday means an all new Hell’s Kitchen! After the shake-up of last week’s “switcheroo” — sending Roshni over to the Blue Team — Chef Gordon Ramsay is surely to have some surprises for the remaining 14 cheftestants to fail at.

Tonight, the chefs tackle Mexican cuisine, welcoming executive chefs John Sedlar and Thomas Ortega as guest judges. Who will come out on top? Can the Blue Team manage another completed service? Or will the Red Team overcome their pettiness and overshadow the men?

“I’m Blue now, man!” yells Roshni to one of her former team members. It seems that each team is responsible for fetching their own ashtrays now. Roshni is better off anyways because the women are still mumbling under their breath about Robyn or Barbie or whoever is next on their hit list.

In the dining room, Chef Ramsay presents the cheftestants with a large pinata, brought out by Chef Scott. This week is Mexican cuisine … get it?

Challenge: Each team must retrieve balls which drop from the pinata. Each ball has an ingredient inscribed on it. In 35 minutes, the chefs scurry around the dining room, picking up multicolored balls. Now, the chefs must each cook a dish, using their found ingredients.

Brian is cooking something “sexy” while Danielle has never cooked Mexican food in her life.

Executive chefs Thomas Ortega and John Sedlar walk in to help with judging each dish alongside Ramsay. It comes down to Roshni of the Blue Team and Dana of the Red Team. Ramsay will choose the winner after a split vote.

Challenge Winner: Red Team

Even though Patrick was sending mental messages — “Blue, Blue, Blue…” — to Ramsay.

The winners are being sent to John Sedlar’s restaurant, Rivera, while the losers will be prepping all night. Brian is upset, saying that the team would have won had his dish been judged.

Chef Scott serves up some tripe and bell peppers to the Blue Team, while the Red Team wine and dine and learn to salsa dance.

Fast forward to the dormitories: Tiffany and Danielle listen to Royce claim that Kimmie won her match without authentic tortillas. In her overly inebriated state, Tiffany relays the information to Kimmie and Robyn, yet Royce has been replaced by three members of her own team: Danielle, Dana and Barbie. The next morning, all hell breaks loose when Kimmie jumps on Dana for badmouthing her. I’m sure this will be one interesting dining service.

The site is a complete 180 image of that in the Blue Team where the men are walking about the kitchen like gentlemen. “There’s a lady present,” says Clemenza. Who else is posing a surprising vision tonight? James. He’s wearing a sombrero just for the occasion.

Dinner Service

This Mexican fiesta has quickly turned into a killing spree!

Barbie starts her team off on a bad foot, having to recook mussels. Meanwhile, Guy’s tuna starts off troublesome but soon flies out of the kitchen. The Red Team soon bounces back and now both teams are neck and neck … until … Kimmie is on the meat station and Dana offer to take her meat and fish up to the pass. Kimmie tells her to put both on the same tray. Chef Ramsay is not having it and no one will confess!

Kimmie finally takes the blame, but fumes over what’s happened as she tries cooking the meat again. Back with the Blue, Patrick is having to put Guy on the right track after he messes up on his meat station. But wait, there’s more! Danielle serves up raw pork! “It’ll be one more minute, Chef,” says Patrick in the Blue kitchen. The steak station is proving to be too much for both Patrick and Guy. They’re both thrown out of their kitchen. Danielle soon follows after serving MORE raw pork!

“Don’t put out the pork!” pleads Clemenza to Justin. “It’s not cooked!” Pork also sends Clemenza and Justin to the dorms. Barbie uses a thermometer to check the chicken breasts and gets kicked out. Tiffany burns mashed potatoes and follows. Royce leaves the Blue kitchen for something burnt and crispy tasting. THEY’RE DROPPING LIKE FLIES!

Two hours into dinner service, Chef Ramsay has sent eight cheftestants to the dorms. There are now only two members, Brian and Roshni, in the Blue kitchen. In the Red kitchen, Dana, Kimmie, Christina and Robyn pull together. Both teams complete their services, regardless.

The meat/fish tray drama comes up in front of Ramsay as Kimmie puts blame back on Dana. As for Patrick, he only has these words: “I’m sick of you.” Both teams lose and are sent to nominate two members for elimination.


The Blue Team nominates Patrick for failing at cooking steak and Guy for starting things off horribly with raw tuna. The Red Team nominates Danielle for her inability to cook pork and Barbie because … well, they just don’t like Barbie.

Patrick is “nowhere near beat.” Guy looks Ramsay in the eye and says, “I’m not in over my head.” Danielle says she’ll never serve a raw porkchop again. Barbe doesn’t think she deserves to be on the line and Ramsay agrees. Barbie is safe.


What? This has to be the most ridiculous part of the episode. I sat through all of that drama only to have to see who, out of Danielle, Patrick and Guy, leaves tomorrow night? And it looks as though the drama will hit an all-time high tomorrow when everyone is at war.

Tune in Tuesday night for another new episode of Hell’s Kitchen on FOX.

Jilliane Johnson
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Jilliane Johnson

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