It has been almost a year since millions of fans came together to take part in an on line alternate reality game that took place within the universe of ‘LOST‘.  Now, after all this time, the facts about the making of the game are finally coming to light.  In our interview with Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, the veracity of the information within the game was canonized once and for all, but little was still known about how the game was put together.   Now channel 4 in the UK has put together a short film documenting the phenomenon that was known as The LOST experience.

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4815162342numbers said: I wish they would do it again even if they don’t have a large fan response to it. “The Lost Experience (Par…

lostfanboy16 said: Good video. The Lost Experience was so much fun. That was one great summer.

danny said: hansow foundation? 60 glyphs? pffff. channel 4 suck.

‘The LOST experience’ was not entirely a success amongst fans even though it did succeed in tying the connection between LOST‘s mysterious numbers and at least one aspect of the Dharma initiative.  None the less it did give fans something to occupy themselves with while the show was on hiatus.  This year, LOST will be going on an even longer hiatus, nearly eight months, and so far the network has not announced any similar activity to keep fans pacified.

Where fan’s were less than grateful for ABC’s efforts with the LOST experience, they were even less grateful for the creator’s efforts in ensuring a repeat free LOST.  Because of the production schedule, the season had to be split into a mini-season, and a larger second leg to finish it off.  While the creator’s struggled to make the mini a more or less self contained arc, fans bristled at having to endure a second hiatus and complaints over the lack of an all inclusive storyline for the mini caused fans of the ensemble cast to complain that their favorite characters were neglected.

It is likely that the outpouring of disappointment over the LOST Experience killed any opportunity for a sequel, for now.  Likewise, complaints over the split season prompted ABC to go for a 24-like approach of a mid-season start with no repeats during the entire season.

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